Jessica Mador Feature Archive

Wisconsin-based Edward Kraemer and Sons has been selected as the contractor for the St. Croix bridge foundation, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced today. (03/04/2013)
A departure ceremony will be held this weekend for a group of National Guard soldiers. (03/02/2013)
A new report finds Amtrak ridership at an all-time high in the Twin Cities and other metro areas. The report from the Washington-based Brookings Institution looked at ridership levels for the national railroad in the largest 100 metro areas between 1997 to 2012. (03/01/2013)
A bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations for childhood victims of sexual abuse to sue their abusers got its first hearing Thursday. (02/28/2013)
A fire inside a manhole in downtown Minneapolis sent smoke pouring into the street in the North Loop neighborhood. (02/26/2013)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals today overturned a Minnesota law that bans people who care for immediate family members as personal care attendants from seeking unemployment benefits. (02/25/2013)
After months of collecting public input, engineers working on the Southwest Light Rail Transit are figuring out exactly where to put facilities, stations and the line itself. (02/22/2013)
Engineers are beginning to hammer out the design specifics of the Southwest LRT. They've identified 25 technical issues they need to solve to make the design work. (02/22/2013)
New research from the Minneapolis VA Medical Center has identified brain patterns that appear to be markers of resilience to trauma. The findings could suggest why some people exposed to trauma develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD while many others do not. (02/20/2013)
There's nothing new about a roomful of guys playing video games. But at the National Guard's Camp Ripley in central Minnesota, one video game could have life or death consequences. The Guard is using simulators to train troops in very real and potentially deadly skills, from shooting to driving to combat. (02/15/2013)
Transit expansion was the focus of the Metropolitan Council's annual State of the Region speech Monday in St. Paul. (02/11/2013)
Nearly 100 will compete for the Twin Cities beard championship title this weekend. Hirsute competitive beardsmen prepare for the show, combing, brushing, styling and conditioning. (02/08/2013)
The nomination of B. Todd Jones to become the permanent head of the ATF could be in for a bumpy ride. Jones is the interim director of the agency, and is also the U.S. attorney for Minnesota. This week a former FBI special agent cast doubt on Jones' ability to head the ATF. Another critic backs up those complaints, while the list of Jones' defenders is growing. (02/01/2013)
A retired FBI agent is questioning whether B. Todd Jones should be permanent director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (01/31/2013)
About half of all domestic violence homicides in Minnesota last year involved firearms, a report says. (01/29/2013)