Jessica Mador Feature Archive

A proposal at the State Capitol would train emergency responders in how to communicate with military veterans in crisis. (04/09/2013)
Proposals to help pay for expanding mass transit in the Twin Cities will be announced by state lawmakers later this week. East metro officials are watching the action very closely and have renewed efforts to advance their wish list of bus and rail lines. (04/09/2013)
Two Minnesota lawmakers are pushing legislation they say will help thousands of military veterans who were wrongly denied VA benefits. They say thousands of veterans who may have had post-traumatic stress disorder were wrongly diagnosed. (04/01/2013)
A public hearing and open house on a proposed high-speed rail project between Minneapolis and Duluth will take place this week. (03/31/2013)
Demonstrators on both sides of the abortion issue gathered Friday outside the Planned Parenthood office in St. Paul. (03/29/2013)
The planned Southwest LRT between Eden Prairie and downtown Minneapolis could end up costing more than originally proposed. (03/27/2013)
Attorney General Lori Swanson is calling for public hearings next month on the potential takeover of Fairview Health Services by South Dakota-based Sanford Health. (03/26/2013)
New data show an improving economy is beginning to benefit the state's homeowners, but those at the bottom of the economic ladder continue to experience financial distress. (03/26/2013)
Minnesota Sen. Al Franken says he's confident House lawmakers and President Obama will support repealing the medical device tax, a provision of the Senate budget passed last week. (03/25/2013)
The Iraq War, which started 10 years ago today, left a lasting imprint on the men and women who served and on their families. (03/19/2013)
Planners are focusing on an ambitious system of roads and mass transit projects as they draw up the next generation of transportation for the state. Their fantasy is a system that makes it quick and easy to move people and goods around. It's all part of a plan designed to help Minnesota catch up with transportation spending in other states. (03/13/2013)
For the third consecutive year, a report ranks Minnesota the least-affordable state in the Midwest for renters. Housing advocates say the report demonstrates the need for more affordable housing across the state. (03/11/2013)
The Metropolitan Council plans to collect testimony on the planned Bottineau light rail line during a public hearing on Monday in Minneapolis. (03/11/2013)
A coalition of more than three-dozen advocacy organizations, business and environmental groups and labor unions is pushing a bill that would increase public transportation options in Minnesota. (03/07/2013)
As the boys' high school hockey tournament gets underway today, Minnesota hockey officials are evaluating whether new safety rules have been effective. (03/06/2013)