Jessica Mador Feature Archive

Minnesota groups that provide homeless services Tuesday received more than $21 million in federal grants to continue operating. (12/20/2011)
Freddy Munoz is one of the Minnesota National Guard's roughly 2,400 Red Bulls stationed in Kuwait helping the U.S. military leave Iraq. He won't return to Minnesota until May. Until then, his wife Jenny will be a single parent to their two children, 8-year-old Emma and 6-year-old Ezsie. (12/19/2011)
In Minneapolis, bicycling is up and accidents are down just as the city is expanding bikeways, and efforts to improve road safety. (12/06/2011)
Increased hires of women, minorities and disadvantaged businesses for transportation construction projects over the last three years are being reported. (12/02/2011)
A state investigation into accounting practices at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Minneapolis has found evidence of possible financial wrongdoing and fraud. (12/02/2011)
Minnesota transportation advocates say the state needs to improve its transportation network to help local businesses and the economy. (11/28/2011)
As winter approaches, hundreds of north Minneapolis residents are still living with damage from the tornado that swept through their neighborhood nearly six months ago. (11/15/2011)
A new report shows Minnesota has been able to preserve and develop affordable housing, despite the tough economic climate. (11/14/2011)
A proposal for a new bridge over the St. Croix River between Wisconsin and Minnesota cleared a major hurdle Thursday. (11/10/2011)
Nearly half of the construction season's planned highway and bridge projects are completed, transportation officials say. (11/07/2011)
A recent court decision allows underwater homeowners in Minnesota to discharge second or third mortgages in bankruptcy. (11/04/2011)
New figures obtained by MPR News show that among veterans connected to the VA and other medical centers in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Fargo and Sioux Falls, 126 have committed suicide over the last decade. (11/01/2011)
The state's housing finance agency is planning new programs to help underwater homeowners and neighborhoods recover from the housing crisis. (10/27/2011)
The Twin Cities usually gets high marks as a great place to ride a bike. Federal dollars are paying for more programs to encourage alternatives to driving. But one proposal to expand cycling in St. Paul has some residents considering legal action. (10/25/2011)
The Minnesota National Guard mission in Iraq remains unchanged by today's announcement that U.S. troops will withdraw by year's end, guard officials said. (10/21/2011)