Paul Huttner Feature Archive

A weak bubble of Canadian high pressure is gracing Minnesota with cooler and much drier air today but dew points begin to creep upward again Friday and return to the 70s. (07/21/2011)
The dew point reached 82 degrees at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. today. That's the highest dew point ever recorded at that location. The observed heat index of 119 at 4 p.m. appears to tie the highest heat index ever recorded in the Twin Cities. The previous record dates back to 1966. (07/19/2011)
Meteorologist Paul Huttner and University of Minnesota geography professor Kenny Blumenfeld discussed the increase in tornados and whether urban residents should expect more tornados in the near future with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer on Tuesday. (05/24/2011)
Hail and heavy rain is being reported in some parts of Minnesota this evening. There's also the possibility of some severe weather. Get the latest weather information on Updraft. (05/21/2011)
The type of major upper air pattern change that would send spring time temperatures gushing into Minnesota may be about to unfold starting on Mother's Day weekend & beyond. (04/27/2011)
The floods of 2011 are still in progress and have caused problems in some areas. There have been two flood-related deaths; and numerous roads, parks and fields remain under water, especially near the Red River. But MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner says it could have been so much worse. (04/12/2011)
A late southward shift in our powerful hybrid winter-spring storm has placed the Twin Cities metro in the potential heavy snow band into Wednesday. Winter storm warnings have now been expanded to include the Twin Cities metro, which could see 5-10 inches of snow. (03/23/2011)
It may be too early to breathe in a big sigh of relief just yet, but the latest batch of river forecasts from NWS Friday give us room to breathe a bit easier. (03/18/2011)
MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner is concerned that a weather pattern change could be a "flood trigger" in the next two weeks. (03/03/2011)
A winter meltdown comes to an abrupt halt when a storm roars back into Minnesota tonight and tomorrow. Forecasters predict 6-12 inches of snow from the South Dakota border and northeast through St. Cloud, Brainerd and Duluth. (02/18/2011)
Radars are lighting up with snow across Minnesota once again today. The next in our series of "micro clippers" is laying out another swath of light snow, and again it will be just enough to produce some greasy skid stuff today. (01/05/2011)
A big spinning pool of frigid low pressure called the "polar vortex" is large and in charge this month Canada and the northern USA. The polar vortex roams around the far north in winter, but migrates southward at times. When it does, the slowly spinning whirl deals Minnesota and the Upper Midwest bouts of cold and (generally light) snow. (01/03/2011)
Bands of heavier snowfall intensity are increasing and will move through the metro through the evening. Expect road conditions to rapidly deteriorate this afternoon. (12/20/2010)
Workers cleared TCF Bank Stadium of snow last week to prepare for the Vikings' game Monday night, but yet another fully charged low pressure system is spinning toward Minnesota and it looks like it will hit hard and fast on game day. (12/19/2010)
The latest NAM model run Thursday morning cranks out .88" of liquid equivalent for the metro Saturday. That may be high...but if it verifies that would produce in well excess of 9" of snow! The latest trends indicate this could be a major winter storm with 6" to 12+" snowfall accumulations and wind somewhere near the metro Saturday! (12/09/2010)