Mac Wilson Feature Archive

It was our pleasure to welcome Interpol to the Current studios to take over our airwaves for a Theft of the Dial session. (08/25/2010)
Seattle pop rock quintet, Minus the Bear, have seen several changes since their last visit to The Current in 2008. They've signed to their first major label and have released a new album, Omni, that is loaded with big sounds, big synth, and big hooks. (07/01/2010)
The Reluctant Graveyard is a thoroughly entertaining album from start to finish; for all the talk of death, proceedings never even approach dreariness. (05/04/2010)
When it came time to record their second album, MGMT decided not to "play the game": rather than churning out another batch of hit singles, they instead pursued their own unique brand of disjointed psychedelia. (04/13/2010)
"Congratulations" is a bold, disorienting, sometimes abrasive album of experimentation run rampant. With this album, MGMT is answering to no one, yet everyone. (04/13/2010)
Three albums into an astronomic career, Beach House is the critically renowned project of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, Baltimore natives who make ethereal dream-pop sound easy. (04/06/2010)
Fyfe Dangerfield is most commonly known as the lead singer of the avant-garde Brit pop band Guillemots. Fyfe has recently taken his song writing to solo pastures. However, Guillemots fans are not to worry - the delightfully quirky band is still together and working on new material for an upcoming release. (03/26/2010)
Every time I begin to worry about Mark Everett, he leaves us with a glimmer of light; a tiny nod of reassurance, as if he's telling us that he -- and we -- will be okay. (01/19/2010)
A brand new band from San Francisco, Girls specialize in always-sunny California pop -- jangling guitars, beautiful harmonies and flawless hooks. Frontman Christopher Owens layers this sunny backdrop with darker lyrics reminiscent of more introverted artists. (11/16/2009)
With each new record, single, or collaboration in pop culture, I find myself hoping Teegan and Sara gain wider acceptance and success. With their new album, "Sainthood," have they taken a step in that direction? (10/27/2009)
Jack Penate's music has chamelion-like qualities. His first release "Matinee" had a swinging pop-ska sound while his latest album "Everything Is New" was a 180-degree change and leans more disco. (09/26/2009)
After a four-year stint working on solo records and side-projects, the Toronto- and Brooklyn-based band Metric has finally released their fourth album "Fantasies" and first since 2005's "Live It Out." (06/13/2009)
Beginning at home as an experimental project, Grizzly Bear has pushed their lo-fi roots to the limits in their 2009 CD "Veckatimest." (06/08/2009)
Erstwhile Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker returns with his second solo release, "Further Complications." (05/18/2009)
"No Line on the Horizon" may not be as immediately captivating as some of U2's other albums, but it is still a thoughtful and challenging addition their catalog. (02/27/2009)