Mac Wilson Feature Archive

The Reluctant Graveyard is a thoroughly entertaining album from start to finish; for all the talk of death, proceedings never even approach dreariness. (05/04/2010)
When it came time to record their second album, MGMT decided not to "play the game": rather than churning out another batch of hit singles, they instead pursued their own unique brand of disjointed psychedelia. (04/13/2010)
"Congratulations" is a bold, disorienting, sometimes abrasive album of experimentation run rampant. With this album, MGMT is answering to no one, yet everyone. (04/13/2010)
Three albums into an astronomic career, Beach House is the critically renowned project of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, Baltimore natives who make ethereal dream-pop sound easy. (04/06/2010)
Fyfe Dangerfield is most commonly known as the lead singer of the avant-garde Brit pop band Guillemots. Fyfe has recently taken his song writing to solo pastures. However, Guillemots fans are not to worry - the delightfully quirky band is still together and working on new material for an upcoming release. (03/26/2010)
Every time I begin to worry about Mark Everett, he leaves us with a glimmer of light; a tiny nod of reassurance, as if he's telling us that he -- and we -- will be okay. (01/19/2010)
A brand new band from San Francisco, Girls specialize in always-sunny California pop -- jangling guitars, beautiful harmonies and flawless hooks. Frontman Christopher Owens layers this sunny backdrop with darker lyrics reminiscent of more introverted artists. (11/16/2009)
With each new record, single, or collaboration in pop culture, I find myself hoping Teegan and Sara gain wider acceptance and success. With their new album, "Sainthood," have they taken a step in that direction? (10/27/2009)
Jack Penate's music has chamelion-like qualities. His first release "Matinee" had a swinging pop-ska sound while his latest album "Everything Is New" was a 180-degree change and leans more disco. (09/26/2009)
After a four-year stint working on solo records and side-projects, the Toronto- and Brooklyn-based band Metric has finally released their fourth album "Fantasies" and first since 2005's "Live It Out." (06/13/2009)
Beginning at home as an experimental project, Grizzly Bear has pushed their lo-fi roots to the limits in their 2009 CD "Veckatimest." (06/08/2009)
Erstwhile Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker returns with his second solo release, "Further Complications." (05/18/2009)
"No Line on the Horizon" may not be as immediately captivating as some of U2's other albums, but it is still a thoughtful and challenging addition their catalog. (02/27/2009)
With their fourth album, Furr, under their belts, the Portland, Oregon sextet has refined their sound on their new album, which has drawn inspiration from bands like Fleet Foxes and Beach House, and have departed somewhat from their previous influences like The Grateful Dead. (11/08/2008)
Named after the grandmother of vocalists and guitarist Jake Bellow, the Omaha five-some Neva Dinova are criss-crossing the country in support of their new album "You May Already Be Dreaming." (04/28/2008)