Alison Young Feature Archive

Grace Tangjerd Schmitt is the president of Guild Incorporated, a community based mental health organization. She brings a marvelous playlist, many pieces by composers who had their own struggles with mental disease. (05/01/2013)
A brand new disc of American music from The Singers. (04/25/2013)
The Rose Ensemble affectionately refers to them as "Mom and Dad." Pete and Carol Parshall met while singing nearly 50 years ago and have making been making beautiful music together ever since. (04/24/2013)
Soprano Laura Hynes presents a recital called "Raise Your Voice: Violence Against Women Through the Ages" that takes us through art songs that tell of hope and redemption (04/22/2013)
We continue with choral music playlists when I bring in a singer who proudly wears the label of "choral geek" singing both in the Minnesota Chorale and at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Bob Oganovic. (04/17/2013)
Gayle Ober is the former Executive Director for the Dale Warland Singers and also the former head of Classical MPR. As a soprano and long-time choir member, she has a wealth of knowledge and loads of enthusiasm for great choral singing (04/10/2013)
In April we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Choral Stream. Guests this month are all choral fanatics and we start with the Executive Director of VocalEssence, Mary Ann Pulk (also a stunning English horn player!) (04/03/2013)
It's music played on the instrument it was written for, silvery, scintillating, effortless playing by Immanuel Davis on an 1865 Louis Lot. (04/01/2013)
It's all Russian music when Saint Paul signature restaurant 'Moscow on the Hill' owners Marina and Evgeny Liberman come on air. Na Zdorovie! (03/27/2013)
He's the Executive Director of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and likens the inspiration we feel paddling on a misty lake at sunrise far from civilization with the wonder we feel hearing classical music. Paul Danicic has stories to share and a playlist filled with beauty. (03/20/2013)
Laura Eash is a member of Minnesota Green Corps and serves in the City of Saint Paul's Public Works Department. She loves classical music playing while she helps plan the next bike path and pedestrian trail. (02/20/2013)
Stuart Pimsler tells me that music is not used in his dance company so much to dance to as to provide an atmosphere. Certainly atmospheric music on his classical playlist. (02/13/2013)
Educational psychologist from the University of Minnesota, Bob Jorczak, likes to stump his friends on musical trivia, including this classical host! (01/23/2013)
They're the newest group in town - the Minnesota Bach Ensemble - and artistic director Andrew Altenbach believes we can never have too many interpretations of this gorgeous, complex music and is set to show us why. (01/10/2013)
Dianne Brown works at the downtown post office in Saint Paul and knows all of us classical hosts by name. When we're sending packages, she can really talk the talk about classical because she listens enthusiastically and as often as she can. (01/09/2013)