Alison Young Feature Archive

The Vienna Philharmonic plays Strauss, the Minnesota Orchestra plays Beethoven and it's an entire day of musical "firsts." Preview by listening on-line to a concert recording of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra playing Prokofiev's first - his "Classical" symphony. (12/29/2009)
For 28 years, Luther College in Decorah, Iowa has celebrated its rich tradition of singing with a festive concert. Don't miss this year's Christmas at Luther on Wednesday at 8:00 on Classical MPR.. (12/19/2009)
If sheer number of performances means anything, Handel's oratorio "Messiah" may just be the greatest oratorio of them all. Hear Christmas selections from a recent performance by Boston's Handel and Haydn Society. (12/16/2009)
A cherished part of the Christmas season celebration for nearly 100 years, join us for the St. Olaf Christmas Festival - a spiritual journey in word and music. Listen to a repeat broadcast on Classical MPR on Sunday, December 20 at 6:00 or stream on-line. (11/27/2009)
It's a group of lutenists meeting together to discuss -- well actually play --very important things. It's the 'Lute Summit' this Saturday at Hamline University. Hear several pieces and an interview with Alison Young. (11/20/2009)
Osmo Vanska is the subject of a new book. The pictures are a feast for the eyes, tracing the maestro's story from his early years playing clarinet to leading -- and building -- one of the finest orchestras in the world. (11/08/2009)
Choosing a piano teacher can be a bit like finding the right lawyer, plumber or hairdresser -- professional experience is important, as well as a good fit. North Dakota Piano Teacher of the Year, Sharon Westbrook, shares her thoughts on finding that best "fit." (11/04/2009)
Twenty-something Michael Israelievitch has just been named Principal Timpani of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. It was a grueling (but thorough!) audition and he feels ready to take on his new role. (11/02/2009)
If you were to list the 10 greatest things from all of humanity, on that list would probably be a piece or two by Beethoven. He was a god; he was a cranky and difficult man; he was an inveterate optimist. Who was the real Beethoven? A new film by Phil Grabsky aims to find out with the help of some of the greatest Beethoven artists. (10/17/2009)
Thomas Hampson is known as the Ambassador of American music. He began his 'Song of America' tour at Winona's Beethoven Festival in July of 2009. Listen to this captivating music with Thomas Hampson himself as host. (10/16/2009)
Baritone Thomas Hampson began his Song of America tour at Winona's Beethoven Festival in July of 2009. Listen to this captivating music with Thomas Hampson himself as host. (10/16/2009)
Thomas Hampson sang at the Beethoven Festival in Winona, Minnesota to begin his 'Song of America' tour. Hear Part Two in the series with Hampson as host. (10/16/2009)
The newest public classical radio station - New York City's WQXR began their new life with a live broadcast of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra from Carnegie Hall. (10/08/2009)
He had to practice in hide-outs during the war, but now Serbian guitarist Petar Jankovic enjoys a varied career of teaching and playing in the United States, including a performance of one of the most beloved guitar concertos this Sunday in Bemidji: Rodrigo's 'Concierto de Aranjuez.' (10/08/2009)
It's the story of Faust in the hands of Stravinsky - a soldier trading his violin for wealth and power. Steven Epp plays all of the roles with violinist Stephanie Arado as the soldiers' "soul" in this unique theater performance. (10/07/2009)