Alison Young Feature Archive

Thomas Hampson is known as the Ambassador of American music. He began his 'Song of America' tour at Winona's Beethoven Festival in July of 2009. Listen to this captivating music with Thomas Hampson himself as host. (10/16/2009)
Baritone Thomas Hampson began his Song of America tour at Winona's Beethoven Festival in July of 2009. Listen to this captivating music with Thomas Hampson himself as host. (10/16/2009)
Thomas Hampson sang at the Beethoven Festival in Winona, Minnesota to begin his 'Song of America' tour. Hear Part Two in the series with Hampson as host. (10/16/2009)
The newest public classical radio station - New York City's WQXR began their new life with a live broadcast of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra from Carnegie Hall. (10/08/2009)
He had to practice in hide-outs during the war, but now Serbian guitarist Petar Jankovic enjoys a varied career of teaching and playing in the United States, including a performance of one of the most beloved guitar concertos this Sunday in Bemidji: Rodrigo's 'Concierto de Aranjuez.' (10/08/2009)
It's the story of Faust in the hands of Stravinsky - a soldier trading his violin for wealth and power. Steven Epp plays all of the roles with violinist Stephanie Arado as the soldiers' "soul" in this unique theater performance. (10/07/2009)
2010 Gilmore Artist Award winner Kirill Gerstein's musical education included classical studies as well as jazz at the Berklee School, and his music is infused with both a Russian sensibility and a jazz spontaneity. (10/07/2009)
When the Oslo Chamber Choir tours Minnesota this weekend, they will have an action-packed four days with nary a break. Friday in Moorhead, Saturday in Minneapolis, Sunday in St. Cloud and Monday in Northfield. (09/23/2009)
Michael Kaiser is president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He's on an "Arts in Crisis" tour of all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Listen to his Q&A with Minnesota arts groups. (09/17/2009)
Earlier this year at the Twin Cities airport, representatives of the Schubert Club and the New York Philharmonic met for a brief moment to exchange a packet of letters written by Gustav Mahler to his handpicked concertmaster, when Mahler served as the Philharmonic's director in the early 1900s. (09/05/2009)
Hitler's unwitting gift to America: a gathering of Europe's great musicians in Southern California. (09/02/2009)
Composer Stephen Paulus may have a young-looking mug, but Monday, August 24th, he turns 60. (08/19/2009)
Thomas Hampson has been called the "Ambassador of American Song." He chose the Bluff Country of Minnesota to begin his Song of America tour, singing a recital at the Beethoven Festival in Winona. Now you can hear the music with Hampson himself as host. (08/14/2009)
The organ is not unknown in the jazz world, but few jazz organists use their feet to play the bass line. Barbara Dennerlein is one of a kind, in that she plays it all. (08/12/2009)
He was against the Iraq war, but his own son enlisted in the Air Force. Baritone Stephen Swanson felt angry, frustrated and helpless, so he expressed himself the best way he could, in song. Celebrate Memorial Day by listening to several songs artfully sung as well as short commentary from the artist. (07/30/2009)