Alison Young Feature Archive

Andrew Litton has served as the music director of Sommerfest for six seasons. He conducts from the keyboard an English rarity and an American classic. You can listen to the concert live this Friday on Classical MPR. (07/23/2009)
Andrew Litton is on the podium of the Minnesota Orchestra's Sommerfest for his seventh season, beginning the series in its traditional vein with Johann Strauss. (07/15/2009)
Twenty-four pianists -- culled from a herd of pianists by playing the best on a "replicating piano" -- will converge in St. Paul for the fourth Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition. (06/26/2009)
This week, archaeologists in southern Germany discovered the earliest known instrument -- a 35,000-year-old flute made out of a vulture bone. You can hear a modern silver flute -- played with the same techniques as that old bone flute -- with the Dorian Wind Quintet in concert last January in St. Paul. (06/24/2009)
The Minneapolis-based ensemble Cantus has been recognized with one of the highest honors for vocal music. (06/19/2009)
It's Father's Day this Sunday, and we thought we'd celebrate with selections by fathers and their musical progeny. (06/18/2009)
The White Pine Festival, coming up next Wednesday in several towns along the St. Croix River Valley, celebrates the convergence of music, painting and poetry. The Miro Quartet is performing a new work in collaboration with poet Matthea Harvey. (06/11/2009)
For 26 years, he's been associated with the "orchestra of voices," as singer, arranger, conductor, and the driving force in creating their signature sound. Now, Joseph Jennings will step down and let the next generation take over. (06/03/2009)
Minnesota Orchestra oboist Basil Reeve has been playing with the local Twin Cities chamber music group Musical Offering since the early 1970s. He'll end his tenure this weekend on a high note, by presenting the premiere of a work by James Bolle. (05/27/2009)
The New Zealand String Quartet plays an unusual work that includes an array of Maori instruments. Richard Nunns, the authority on "nga taonga puoro" (traditional Maori musical instruments) joined them in this performance. (05/27/2009)
St. Mark's Cathedral in Minneapolis gives the world premiere of a student composition by Ralph Vaughan Williams. It's a piece he wrote for his Cambridge composition degree 115 years ago. (05/27/2009)
For this Memorial Day, the premiere of Pulitzer-Prize winning composer Dominick Argento's memorial for his wife and muse of 51 years, soprano Carolyn Bailey Argento. (05/22/2009)
The three H's tonight at the Minnesota Orchestra: Haydn, Hanson and a new work by Jennifer Higdon. Grammy-award nominee Jennifer Koh plays an unusual concerto for violin, orchestra and chorus "Singing Rooms" tonight on the Minnesota Orchestra Broadcast. (05/22/2009)
The Schubert Club Bruce P. Carlson Student Scholarship Competition winners. (04/26/2009)
Unless you're an opera buff, the name Eric Owens may not be entirely familiar to you. But it's only a matter of time before this up-and-coming young singer becomes a household name. Owens performs in St. Paul tonight, and he spoke with MPR classical music host Alison Young. (04/22/2009)