Alison Young Feature Archive

The Twin Cities Metropolitan Symphony celebrates Bill Holm with a piece for mezzo-soprano and orchestra. (04/22/2010)
From a concert in the dead of winter, the Dorian Quintet warms the atmosphere with music by the premiere quintet composer, Anton Reicha. (04/21/2010)
The Parker Quartet plays its final concert TONIGHT as MPR's first-ever Artists-in-Residence at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. (04/12/2010)
Saint Paul's premiere civic band performs in Beijing and Shanghai. (04/08/2010)
Yefim Bronfman gave a spectacular recital at the Ordway in February. You can download the concert for free or listen on-line right here. (04/08/2010)
A new DVD brings together some of the greatest musicians - and thinkers - to reflect on Bach and play his music. (03/30/2010)
She was a composer, a director, a pianist of the highest caliber, and a scholar of Bach. Fanny Hensel -- the older sister of Felix Mendelssohn - but who was she and why was she not able to enjoy the world of the celebrated musician? A new authoritative biography paints a portrait of a woman ahead of her time whose music is only just becoming more widely known. (03/25/2010)
Michael Barone hosts a series "Before Bach's Birthday" party of organ concerts Saturday, on some of the great instruments in Minneapolis. Listen now online to a recent snippet from a Pipedreams Live concert at Oberlin with one of the reigning Bach specialists, Balint Karosi. (03/19/2010)
We're celebrating Bach's birthday week today with his keyboard music, some of the most revolutionary stuff in its time. Listen online to Skip James and his Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra friends in Bach's Brandenburg No. 5. (03/17/2010)
We begin our all-week Bach 325th anniversary celebration with a recent performance by the sensational Bach interpreter, Simone Dinnerstein. Listen on-line to her French Suite No. 5 recorded at MPR. (03/15/2010)
Chopin turns 200 on Monday. Celebrate early with a performance of Chopin's second piano concerto from a recent performance with Christian Zacharias and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. (02/24/2010)
Two new commissions, two new Artistic Partners and gigs at the Walker and Carnegie Hall - and all at affordable prices. (02/22/2010)
One of the best choirs in the world performed at Ted Mann Friday, Feb. 26 and you can listen to a recent live concert online, including Anders Hillborg's "Mouyiyuom," a cosmic meditation of sounds. (02/22/2010)
One of the finest traverso - or Baroque Flute - specialists in the world comes to the Twin Cities for a masterclass and concert. (02/15/2010)
A young up-and-coming string quartet plays Saint Cloud this weekend. (02/12/2010)