Alison Young Feature Archive

In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with one of our newest residents in Minnesota, Allan Naplan, the president and general director of the Minnesota Opera who only started work here last week. He shares some of his favorite arias as well as one of his own pieces that was the inaugural wake-up song for NASA astronauts. (03/16/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Ely Echo publisher Anne Swenson. When Anne was in her twenties, she lived in Italy and walked daily through the pine forest Respighi writes about in his tone poem "The Pines of Rome." Enjoy a sunny playlist from the far north. (03/09/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Nick Schneider, a personal chef, caterer and healing foods consultant who specializes in the creative use of local and seasonal foods - including making sumptuous pairings of food and drink with musical productions. Bon appetit! (03/02/2011)
International Piano E-Competition winner Alessandro Taverna plays Bach. (02/24/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Michael Fox, the director of the Minnesota Historical Society. Fox shares his playlist which includes one of his favorite groups - The Rose Ensemble - as well as what it's like for him keeping up his piano lessons as an adult, and the artist he listens to for inspiration. (02/23/2011)
Frida Kahlo comes to life again in a stunning set of songs by the American Latina composer Gabriela Lena Frank written for Dawn Upshaw and the Saint Paul Chamber orchestra. (02/16/2011)
She draws realistic, but whimsical, pictures of nature and has been known to take her sketch pad to the symphony and capture the sound on paper. Illustrator Consie Powell shares her energized playlist today on Music with Minnesotans. (02/16/2011)
What does the natural world sound like as it wakes up? What is the sound of thousands of animals migrating on the African Savannah? Join Biologist and Co-Founder of the International Wolf Center Nancy Gibson as she shares her unique playlist. (02/09/2011)
MPR's 2011 Artists-in-Residence Cantus have been sharing the microphone with Alison Young each month, taking your questions and requests and sharing some of their favorite music. There's never enough time to answer all the questions on-air, so they've kindly agreed to do so online. Check it out, and send another if yours was missed for this Tuesday at noon's session. (02/04/2011)
National Book Award finalist and University of Minnesota creative writing professor Charles Baxter weaves classical music into many of his stories, including using a title of a piece by American composer Virgil Thomson for his own novel. He shares his playlist at noon on Wednesday. (02/02/2011)
Multiple gold-medal winner master bow maker Matt Wehling helps create the sound of some of the finest string players in the world, but he is a bit of a late-comer to classical music and listens with a super sensitive ear. Enjoy his playlist online. (01/12/2011)
Gustav Mahler called it "probably the most personal composition I have created thus far" - Das Lied von der Erde - The Song of the Earth. This Saturday at 8:00 you'll have a front row seat for a spectacular setting arranged for smaller forces by Arnold Schoenberg when we broadcast live the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra with their new artistic partner Edo de Waart and the thrilling up-and-coming mezzo, Sasha Cooke. (01/03/2011)
One of the stars of Park Square Theatre's "2 Pianos 4 Hands" Michael Pearce Donley shares his favorite piano pieces with us. (12/29/2010)
As 2010 comes to a close, we'll end the year on a note of triumph with a count-up week of Beethoven symphonies culminating in his Ninth on New Year's Day. (12/27/2010)
He led one of the finest choirs around - and set the bar in sound and blend that vocal ensembles everywhere try to reach: Dale Warland. He still conducts, consults, teaches and writes music and took a few moments out of his busy day to share a few of his favorites for the season, including a not-oft heard work by Arvo Part and a spectacularly atmospheric setting of "Lo, How a Rose" with a Swedish Choir. (12/22/2010)