Molly Bloom Feature Archive

Tom Wirt and Betsy Price live in rural Minnesota, but easy access to broadband internet has allowed them to build a thriving business that has customers all over the country and the world. (03/24/2011)
Brian Finstad sought retraining after being laid off from his factory job, only to find himself back where he started. We went down to Springfield, MN to hear his story and to see his work at the Sanborn Manufacturing plant. (01/25/2011)
An earthquake, an oil spill, an election and the weather dominated headlines in 2010. But MPR's Public Insight Network asked Minnesotans what changes most impacted them on an individual level this year. (12/31/2010)
Carol Ford, above, and Chuck Waibel operate a greenhouse in tiny Milan, Minn., and sell fresh produce to 20 families all winter. They want to expand to reach the growing local food market. (11/17/2010)
Most art classes will now emphasize the role of technology in the field, and the contributions of Minnesota's American Indian tribes. (09/15/2010)
A growing market for goat cheese is an opportunity for central Minnesota's goat producers, but they are unable to help meet demand now that a Canadian company has stopped processing their milk. (08/30/2010)
More stories of Minnesotans' efforts to help out in Haiti in the aftermath of last month's earthquake. (02/17/2010)
Local relief groups and citizens describe how they are responding to the earthquake in Haiti. (01/29/2010)
To mark the beginning of Northstar commuter rail service, MPR's Public Insight Network consulted some expert commuters -- people on the East Coast -- for their advice on what Minnesota riders can expect. (11/15/2009)
When you apply instant runoff voting to an election with multiple winners, things get complicated. (10/22/2009)
Unless they catch the Detroit Tigers in the standings, this weekend will be last time the Minnesota Twins play baseball in the Metrodome, their home since 1982. We asked folks to tell us what they'll remember most about Twins baseball in the Metrodome. Here are some of their stories. (10/02/2009)
Minnesota Public Radio held a forum on the state budget -- and how it affects one community, White Bear Lake. (02/22/2009)
The battle over rejected absentee ballots is sparking questions in the minds of some Minnesota Public Radio listeners who voted absentee. (11/18/2008)
Twin Cities artists worked with teens at the Neighborhood House in St. Paul to help them tell the story of how they and their communities are experiencing the recession. (08/26/2008)
This could be a make-or-break day for Hillary Clinton. After a long losing streak, she is hoping to make a comeback in the Texas and Ohio primaries. Minnesota Public Radio recently asked a group of women to reflect on Clinton's campaign to be America's first female president. (03/04/2008)