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There are over 50 breweries and brew pubs operating in Minnesota today, thanks in part to the "Surly Bill" that passed in 2011 making it possible for smaller breweries to sell their beer on site. Explore this map below to see the state of Minnesota brewing today. (11/20/2013)
Brewing has long been an important presence in the state, well before the recent "beer boom." See a map that tells the story. (11/19/2013)
This year's election represents a major test for ranked-choice voting in Minneapolis. Thirty-five candidates are competing in the most hotly contested mayor's race the city has seen in 20 years. This video explains how the votes will be counted. (10/29/2013)
With the Twin Cities regularly topping the lists of best places for bicyclists and Duluth on its way to becoming a destination for mountain biking, we asked some bike experts, and rider in our Public Insight Network, to share their top rides with us. (08/14/2013)
This week's Art Hounds: The Visit, Women in Soviet Art, bare in Fargo, and Chris Schlichting. (08/01/2013)
With the help of Northfield residents in our Public Insight Network, we've put together a list of hidden -- and not-so-hidden -- gems to explore in this river town, just 45 miles south of downtown Minneapolis. (07/18/2013)
The demographics of Minnesota are changing and the growing Latino community is an important part of that change. The first wave of Latino migration to Minnesota began in the early 1900s, when migrant workers from Mexico would came to the state to work in factories and in farm fields. Some of these workers moved on, but some stayed, many settling on St. Paul's West Side. More recently, Latinos have been the fastest growing group in Minnesota for the past decade, establishing thriving communities throughout the Twin Cities metro area and in greater Minnesota. As of July 2012, the Latino population had grown by 85 percent since 2000 to a total of 264,359, according to U.S. Census data. Looking at the youngest generation the trend seems likely to continue. Latinos make up 8.3 percent of Minnesotans under 18, making Latinos the largest minority group in that age group. This project aims to tell the stories of Latinos in Minnesota, delving deeply into how they define their own identities and how they relate to the larger Latino community in the state. Through the Public Insight Network, MPR News collected the stories of over 125 people who trace their roots back to 17 different countries. Some of the respondents' families have been in Minnesota for generations, while others have arrived in the past few years. Some came to the state as migrant workers, others as professionals.Their stories make it clear that there is not a universal take on what it means to be Latino -- or Hispanic or Chicano -- in Minnesota. But the stories do have one thing in common: Whether the respondents or their ancestors came to the state for work, love, or education, Minnesota is now home. (07/11/2013)
A bill to legalize same-sex marriage has been scheduled for a floor vote in the Minnesota House on Thursday. MPR News asked Minnesotans if they feel the state has engaged in enough of a conversation about marriage. We asked members of our Public Insight Network about their views on same-sex marriage and received more than 150 responses. Here is a sampling of their views. (05/07/2013)
Minnesota Orchestra musicians have been locked out for five months, with few signs that it will be ending anytime soon. Orchestra President Michael Henson and principal cellist Tony Ross will join us to talk about the state of the negotiations. (The Daily Circuit, 02/14/2013)
It's getting harder to make it in America -- especially if you're starting out with less. Why has it become harder? And what steps can be taken to remedy the problem? (The Daily Circuit, 01/08/2013)
The leadup to yesterday's election in Minnesota was atypical in its over-the-top rhetoric and record campaign spending. Yet with few exceptions, the polls ran smoothly. (11/06/2012)
On Nov. 6, Minnesotans will vote on whether to amend the state constitution to require a photo ID to vote. The proposed amendment would change how future Minnesota elections work and create several new requirements. (10/16/2012)
On Nov. 6, Minnesotans will vote on whether to amend the state constitution to require a photo ID to vote. The proposed amendment would change how future Minnesota elections work and create several new requirements. (10/16/2012)
The St. Paul police crime lab's drug testing has been shut down, and an independent review is being conducted regarding problems at the lab. MPR News' Madeleine Baran walks us through the lab and the questions that remain. (09/20/2012)
Concern for security has led one Minnesotan to use an unusual tactic to protect his farm. Ken Kalish deploys guard llamas, both to protect farm animals from predators and to keep tabs on strangers. (08/14/2012)