Barb Abney Feature Archive

Maria Taylor's brand of dreamy, folk-tinged rock has led to inspired collaborative and solo works since her career began over fifteen years ago. (04/22/2009)
"Sounds Of The Universe" is the 12th studio album from synth pioneers Depeche Mode -- their best since 1990's "Violator." (04/20/2009)
When I think about Dave Wakeling. I honestly get a little giddy. I mean, this guy has been a professional musician since I was in grade school! I remember hearing "Mirror In The Bathroom" years ago and loving that sound because I had honestly never heard anything like it before. (04/16/2009)
It is unusual for young, college bands to gain widespread critical acclaim just months after their formation, but that's exactly how Ra Ra Riots story began. (04/15/2009)
Singer, playwright, director and songwriter Oren Lavie has grown up all over the world, carrying influences from each of his seemingly native lands into his music. (03/31/2009)
He's been called everything from balladeer to punk rocker, anti-folker to indie-popper. On his twelfth birthday, he received his first electric guitar and in 1993 started his first punk band, Radish. They broke up in 1999 and Ben Kweller moved to Brooklyn, New York to embark on a solo career. (02/18/2009)
Anya Marina has been on the radio for years. Except she was the one playing the music rather than creating it. The former San Diego DJ is on the other side of the microphone now with her delicate song-writing. (02/02/2009)
In 2001, after six years with Chicago funk bank, Bumpus, singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata decided to go solo. Now, one album and three EPs later, she's releasing a new double-disc album entitled, "Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart." (10/03/2008)
We Are Scientists formed in Berkeley, California shortly before heading to New York City in 2001. Their name was taken from a conversation with a man at a truck-rental company. When the man asked the band if they were brothers, and they replied "No, we're scientists." (08/11/2008)
The Go! Team is a six piece band from Brighton, England founded by Ian Parton. Their debut CD "Get It Together" was primarily a solo effort by Ian and released in 2000. In 2003 the single, "Kickstart" was released, followed by "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" in 2004, which quickly became a UK smash and nominated for a Mercury Prize. (07/30/2008)
Self-described as "The Cure meets Sonic Youth," local indie rockers Aviette (pronounced Ah-vee-ette) are releasing their second album "The Way We Met." (06/26/2008)
Over a year in the making, local singer/songwriter Haley Bonar is releasing her third album, "Big Star" and on tour across the country with Haden. The new album, named after her favorite song, the title track is about irony and fame. (06/12/2008)
The band Black Kids posted their four-song EP on their MySpace page and received a lot of buzz, subsequently becoming one of the most talked about new bands in 2007. Their style of music combines '60s style pop, '80s new wave and upbeat dance grooves. (05/07/2008)
With one full-length album under their belts, Minneapolis' Tapes 'n Tapes are ready to release their follow up "Walk It Off" on Tuesday. The fabulous four-some stopped by our studios to play some of the new songs and chat about their busy touring schedule and the blogger buzz. (04/04/2008)
John Sellers just may be the most obsessive Guided by Voices fan on the planet. And, if you know anything about Guided by Voices fans, that's really saying something. (03/12/2008)