Bill DeVille Feature Archive

Armed with strong folk influences, an acoustic guitar, and her delicate yet growling voice, Laura Marling has made a name for herself in England, joining the ranks of Adele, Lily Allen, and Kate Nash. Her most recent release, "Alas, I Cannot Swim" was nominated for a Mercury Prize, and she's only 18 years old. (09/21/2008)
The Walkmen formed in New York City in 2000. It's been two years since the groups last album and their tribute album to Harry Nilsson. (09/15/2008)
Dylan Mills, known professionally as Dizzee Rascal, is a solo artist who came up in the U.K. Garage/Grime music scene. His debut album, "Boy In Da Corner" won him the country's Mercury Prize. (05/16/2008)
The London band Hot Chip, released their debut EP CD, "Mexico" in 2000. By 2002 they self released their Sanfrandisco EP. In 2005, they signed with record label DFA and released the "Over and Over" EP and "The Warning" in 2006. Their latest project is entitled, "Made In The Dark." (04/18/2008)
The band Headlights are touring fanatics spending more days on the road than not. With their light, dreamy melodies and male-female harmonies, they even managed to play ten shows at the South By Southwest music festival. (03/30/2008)
The Mekons are a band originally from England that was formed in 1977. From the time of their debut album, "The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen", the Mekons wielded trebly guitars and shouted vocals over semi-funky rhythms tracks. (03/28/2008)
The band were originally known as British Air Power and one of their four songs in their demo package was called British Sea Power. They were signed to Rough Trade Records in 2001 and released several singles before releasing their debut CD, "The Decline Of British Sea Power" in 2003. (03/25/2008)
The Portland, Oregon sextet that have been together since 2000, Blitzen Trapper are lo-fi folky garage rockers. Those adjectives weren't just picked out of a hat. Blitzen Trapper grab influences from The Grateful Dead, Olivia Tremor Control, and Frank Zappa while playing in a scene that spawned The Decemberists, The Shins, and Elliott Smith. Their third self-released album, "Wild Mountain Nation" was released in 2007. (03/15/2008)
As one of the founding members of the Los Angeles punk band X, John Doe was one of the most influential figures in American alternative rock during the early '80s, but when he launched a solo career in the early '90s, he decided to pursue a rootsy, country-rock direction instead of continuing with punk. X's latter-day albums exhibited a rockabilly and country influence, but it wasn't until Doe's 1990 debut, Meet John Doe, that he recorded a pure country album. (03/15/2008)
Born and raised in Neptune City, NJ, singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins lived up and down the east coast before settling in New York to write her debut album about her hometown. Atkins was approached by friend and now band-mate Dan Chen in 2005 to start a new band, The Sea, based on the songs Atkins had on her MySpace page. (03/15/2008)
Tokyo Police Club is a group of four friends from Newmarket Ontario who picked up instruments and formed a band in their senior year of high school. Their debut EP A Lesson In Crime was written up everywhere from indie blogs to Rolling Stone who gushed it had, "seven first-rate mod-punk party starters." Elephant Shell, the debut full-length, is due at the end of April. (03/15/2008)
The Heavy hail from Noid, a small town in southwest of England. The band will be lumped in with the retro-soul revival, but The Heavy add cool lo-fi samples and facemelting guitar solos to create a one of a kind groove that's heavy, dirty, and funky. (03/15/2008)
Baltimore duo Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack chose the name Wye Oak after they realized Monarch, their first choice for a name had already been claimed by 7 other bands. Their recorded sound is layered and lush. They try to capture that same sound when the two of them perform live, but they also feel that if a song is good enough, it should be able to stand on its own. (03/15/2008)
Devonte Hynes used to draw a comic strip called Lightspeed Champion to kill time while he was in math class. When his indie-buzz band Test Icicles broke up in 2006, Hynes resurrected the name for his new project. (03/15/2008)
Super Furry Animals formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1993. The band signed with the Rough Trade label in 2006 and released "Hey Venus!" in 2007. (02/15/2008)