Bill DeVille Feature Archive

Since leaving the Drive By Truckers, Jason Isbell has all ready made a name for himself as a solo artist. Even before he left the Truckers, he was recording his solo album. Sirens of the Ditch oozes with the sounds of Muscle Shoals, where Jason calls home when he's not on the road. (07/29/2007)
Singer/multi-instrumentalist Annie Clark said she came up with the name St. Vincent to put no limitations on what she could do. She said with a name like St. Vincent, the band could be "expandable and could include other people and really be a whole entity." (07/24/2007)
The band Nomo calls Ann Arbor home, but their heart is on another continent. They play a blend of jazz, funk, and African rhythms. While most of the members study music at the University of Michigan, the band doesn't turn out high-minded compositions meant for the academy. They just want to get a party started. (07/02/2007)
The Little Ones have a formula for their band. It's called Uncle Lee's Rule of Feet. If a song makes you move your feet (and maybe even dance), they're doing the right thing. (04/22/2007)
Randy Weeks' name isn't right at the tip of your tongue when you think of hit songwriters, but after Lucinda Williams recorded his song, "Can't Let Go" on her record, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road", people began to take notice. (12/29/2006)
To be sure, there's a serious streak to the band Snowden, but there's much more to this Atlanta based four-piece band. (12/08/2006)
Blues musician, writer, actor and director are words that describe Guy Davis. Storyteller is another one. (11/22/2006)
English is the official language of rock and roll, at least according to Tahiti 80 lead singer Xavier Boyer. He says the French quartet decided to sing all of their songs in English because it felt more authentic. (11/16/2006)
The core of Brooklyn-based TV on the Radio are Tunde Adebimpe and David Andrew Sitek. Their music can sound like a film score, improved electronica, or as accessible as any band out there. (10/08/2006)
Yo La Tengo have been performing for more than 20 years. While they haven't achieved the popular acclaim of their contemporaries the Flaming Lips, they get a lot of credit for outlasting pretty much everyone else. (10/07/2006)
The Avett Brothers perform "Distraction #74," "The Lowering (A Sad Day in Greenville Town)," "Talk on Indolence," and "Pretty Girl at the Airport" (Web extra) (02/04/2006)
BR-549 perform "Bottom of Priority," "Lower Broad St. Blues," and "You Are The Queen" (02/04/2006)
Echo and the Bunnymen perform "Stormy Weather," "The Disease," and "Nothing Lasts Forever" (11/26/2005)
Pieta Brown performs "Bad News," "#807," and "Lovin' You Still" (11/12/2005)
Magic Numbers perform "Forever Lost," "Close Your Eyes," and "Love Me Like You" (11/11/2005)