Jim Ed Poole Feature Archive

Still spending 80% of his days on the road, life hasn't slowed down for Leo Kottke. His late collaborations with bassist Mike Gordon have helped with record sales and he says the two are talking about a possible third release soon. (11/14/2006)
It's been 18 years since John Gorka released his first recording. He's just released his first new record in three years on Red House Records, "Writing in the Margins" with some songs about love and war and hope for the future. (11/10/2006)
Larry Long is a troubadour from Minnesota. He's been writing and singing for well over three decades in the style of Woody Guthrie and uses his music for community service and education. (11/09/2006)
Justin Roth has a problem. A good problem, though. He's a Minnesota boy, has a few records out and plays a LOT. But most of his gigs are on the road: in the Northeast, West, Mountains and not much in his hometown. (11/08/2006)
Being compared to Randy Newman isn't a bad thing for most musicians, and Dave Stoddard loves it. He's a songwriter from originally from Wisconsin, but makes his home in Fergus Falls these days. (11/06/2006)
Singer-songwriter Claudia Schmidt has almost run the whole musical gamut: from folk to poetry to blues to swing and now, Jazz. (10/25/2006)
Pete Morton's background is in rock-and-roll, but he's a busker now: a singer-songwriter from England, living and writing songs on the road. His latest record is "Flying an Unknown Flag." (09/28/2006)
Eric Bibb refers to his music as "upside-down blues," blues that don't talk about life's problems as much as they do life's joys. (09/27/2006)
For the past five years, Nashville songwriter Jon Vezner has gathered some other musician friends together to perform a concert to help raise funds for the North House Folk School. (09/26/2006)
Canadian singer Lynn Miles writes many of her songs in her car while on tour. She stopped in the Morning Show studio and chatted with Dale and Jim Ed about songwriting, driving, and the big country north of us. (09/22/2006)
Richard Thompson once said of Geoff Muldaur, "There are only three white blues singers - Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them." (09/21/2006)
Twin Cities vocalist Connie Evingson already had a "hot club" jazz record out so she was ready to move on to her next project. But then she met the Hot Club of Sweden on a winter trip to Stockholm. The result is a new CD, "Stockholm Sweetnin'," that was released this summer in Minnesota. (09/07/2006)
Pop Wagner performs "Drive Them Critters," "Old Paint," and "Zebra Dunn" (02/02/2006)
Wailin' Jennys perform "Avila," "Bring 'Em All In," and "Long Time Traveller (01/18/2006)
Laura Caviani performs "Watchin' the Game," "Paper Cranes," and "Supper's Burnin'" (01/17/2006)