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Bernie the burn barrel
There's a new exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, and it has nothing to do with food on a stick. (08/24/2006)
Visiting Minnesota
Internet users talk about creating virtual communities. Every day, bloggers share their intimate thoughts with people they don't even know. Now a subset of these cyber-neighborhoods is working to make some human contact. (08/15/2006)
Josh Murphy and daughters
A visit to an amusement park belongs to summer like a pair of shorts, ice cream cones or a day at the lake. According to the International Amusement Park Association, big operations continue to thrive. But in recent years, small town carnivals have been closing down all over the state, including one in Bemidji. (08/07/2006)
Large crowds often head to the Minnesota State Capitol with a purpose in mind. But today the hundreds of people who marched out across the Capitol lawn had an unusual end in mind, setting a new world record. (08/03/2006)
The German village at Concordia Language Camps is putting the finishing touches on a green house that'll be used as an educational tool for kids at the camp. They'll not only learn a new language but some new energy habits as well. (08/03/2006)