Martin Moylan Feature Archive

According to insurance industry and other estimates, 10 to 20 percent of Minnesotans drive uninsured vehicles. Those uninsured motorists drive up premium costs for insured drivers. (12/09/2014)
Howard Root, CEO of Maple Grove-based Vascular Solutions, complained that some federal prosecutors are out to win criminal convictions in cases where no wrongdoing occurred. (12/02/2014)
A mix of warm and cold weather across the state has created inconsistent ice on bodies of water. (11/28/2014)
The average price for a gallon or gas in Minnesota is $2.70. That's 40 cents lower than a year ago. (11/28/2014)
CEO Richard Davis said many of the positions will be in the bank's compliance and audit operations. (11/21/2014)
In the last quarter, Best Buy saw broad-based strength across consumer electronics, gaming, computing and mobile, and appliances. That helped boost its stock price by 7 percent. (11/20/2014)
The results are encouraging as the discount retailer gears up for the holiday shopping season, a year after last year's data breach sent potential customers elsewhere. (11/19/2014)
On Wednesday, the Minneapolis-based retail giant releases its first full quarterly performance under new CEO Brian Cornell. No one is forecasting miracles. (11/17/2014)
Consumers are watching their spending closely. And free shipping for online orders eats into profits. (11/16/2014)
Shares of the Maple Grove-based company were down about 20 percent Friday, a day after the disclosure of a federal grand jury indictment against its CEO. (11/14/2014)
A Texas federal grand jury charged Howard Root and his company with conspiring to sell a varicose veins treatment kit for a use not approved by the FDA. Vascular Solutions called the federal investigation "abusive." (11/13/2014)
State officials are warning AT&T to comply with the sick leave law but haven't ruled the company in violation. AT&T says it's talking with the union to resolve the dispute. (11/12/2014)
Target will join other big retailers in opening stores at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day -- two hours earlier than the retailer welcomed customers last year. Best Buy will open at 5 p.m. (11/11/2014)
The Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad angered customers by failing to deliver goods and commodities on time. But while shippers are taking big financial hits, the company's fortunes have improved. (11/06/2014)
It's not clear how the takeover will shape the company's efforts to build a massive, mostly underground mine near Ely, a few miles south of the Boundary Waters. (11/03/2014)