Martin Moylan Feature Archive

Physicians at Abbott Northwestern performed an angioplasty and implanted two stents to restore blood flow. Rybak is expected out of the hospital by mid-week after undergoing additional tests to determine how his heart is doing. (01/05/2014)
With the help of a fellow inmate who casts himself as a jailhouse lawyer, Petters is asking the U.S. District Court of Minnesota to reconsider a ruling by one of the district court judges, Richard Kyle. (01/03/2014)
As of early this afternoon, Delta had cancelled just three flights scheduled to depart from the Twin Cities to the area affected by the storm. (01/02/2014)
An undisclosed number of gift cards sold to customers were "not fully activated," Target officials said. As a result, the cards may not hold the value the buyer paid for. (12/31/2013)
Uber is the best known of a new generation of car services sweeping the country and shaking up Twin Cities transportation. The new services offer rides in everything from limousines and high-end SUVs to the personal cars of folks looking to make money on the side by giving other people lifts. (12/30/2013)
"The numbers are telling a good story," said David Siegel, executive director of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities. "Finally, it feels like after the Great Recession in the housing industry, we had a pretty good year in 2013." (12/27/2013)
But Target says it believes the PIN numbers are still safe because the information was strongly encrypted. It says the PIN can only be decrypted when received by its independent payment processor. (12/27/2013)
People should replace debit and credit cards whose numbers were recently stolen from Target, even if fraudulent charges have yet to show up, Consumer Reports says. (12/26/2013)
TCF Bank is telling customers cancel or replace Target debit cards linked to TCF accounts. (12/24/2013)
Target said it is working with the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Justice on an investigation into malicious software that affected Target's check-out system in U.S. stores. (12/23/2013)
Minnesotans and North Dakotans responded strongly to an opportunity to get their donations to the Salvation Army matched by anonymous donors. (12/22/2013)
In social media posts and messages sent to customers, the retailer is emphasizing shoppers will have no liability for fraudulent charges. (12/22/2013)
The news comes just as the holiday shopping season shifted into high gear. The chain said that customers who made purchases using their cards at its U.S. stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 may have been exposed. (12/19/2013)
Most major retailers, like those at the Mall of America, have return policies aimed to please honest customers. But generous policies cost retailers big time. (12/18/2013)
Fewer Twin Cities homes are going into foreclosure or being sold for less than what's owed on them, and real estate brokers say that's helping the housing market. (12/11/2013)