Ambar Espinoza Feature Archive

A St. Cloud-area mobile home park is showing that it is possible to turn around a park for the better, but it requires the cooperation of concerned citizens and most importantly, the park owner. (11/18/2009)
For many residents in outstate Minnesota, manufactured home -- or trailer -- parks are affordable housing. But one such park in central Minnesota is described as an unfit place to live. (11/17/2009)
Hundreds of commuters from the northwestern Twin Cities suburbs made their first trip to work Monday on the new Northstar commuter rail, the latest Minnesota transit project that could lead to fewer people driving to their jobs. (11/16/2009)
Commuters from the northwestern Twin Cities suburbs and beyond began riding the Northstar commuter rail line on Monday. Several hundred people got a preview at a series of activities over the weekend. (11/15/2009)
Frequently asked questions about the Northstar commuter rail service. (11/15/2009)
A 23-year-old soldier from St. Paul was among the 13 people killed at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas, his family said Friday. (11/06/2009)
Disk drive component maker Hutchinson Technology says the company broke even in the latest quarter primarily through layoffs and the closing of a plant in the past year. (11/02/2009)
St. Cloud's new bridge over the Mississippi River corrects design flaws that were present in the I-35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. (10/26/2009)
The new bridge replaced the DeSoto Bridge, which was torn down last March after inspectors found distorted gusset plates. (10/26/2009)
Delta Air Lines says it will discontinue flights between St. Cloud and Minneapolis by the end of this year due to weak customer demand. (10/23/2009)
It's been 20 years since Jerry and Patty Wetterling's son, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, went missing and little has changed in the case, however it has changed how law enforcement officials handle missing children cases track those who might kidnap or otherwise harm children. (10/22/2009)
The president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis says the Fed will continue to keep interest rates low for an extended period of time. (10/09/2009)
The largest experimental solar farm in the upper Midwest will sit on land that belongs to St. John's Abbey of Collegeville. (10/07/2009)
Police in Princeton have arrested two teenagers in this week's discovery of three suspicious packages that turned out to contain only "inert powders." (10/02/2009)
St. John's University in Collegeville inaugurated its 12th president Thursday afternoon. (10/01/2009)