Ambar Espinoza Feature Archive

A program at St. Cloud State University is teaching high school and college students how to better communicate with people from different backgrounds. (04/22/2010)
St. Cloud Superintendent Steve Jordahl plans to resign, effective June 30, school district officials confirmed Tuesday. (04/13/2010)
An Army reservist from St. Cloud has died in Iraq a month after returning to the country for his second tour of duty. (04/08/2010)
A Muslim civil rights group has asked the U.S. Department of Education to investigate racial and discriminatory incidents at high schools in both St. Cloud and Owatonna. (04/05/2010)
A Muslim civil rights group says racial and religious tensions in Minnesota public schools are on the rise -- and they're asking the U.S. Department of Education to investigate. (03/24/2010)
A New Hope man faces felony charges of making terroristic threats to hurt Somalis attending a cultural event at St. Cloud State University. (03/23/2010)
A few days before the Red River's crest last year, crews were rescuing people in boats. With no flooding yet this year, they've had more time to prepare and squeeze in extra training for a flood disaster. (03/19/2010)
Oakport Township -- an area just north of Moorhead along the Red River -- was hard hit by floods last year. This year, instead of sandbag walls, the township is building a clay levee in some areas to protect more homes. (03/17/2010)
A handful of St. Cloud high school students recently joined a Facebook group called, "I hate the Somalians at Tech High." Facebook promptly shut down the page, because it contained offensive and hateful content. While that page no longer exists, students of Somali descent say the attitudes expressed on that Facebook page have a strong presence on two of St. Cloud's public high schools. (03/15/2010)
A recent study shows the longer military parents are deployed, the more likely it is their children will have difficulties at school and at home. It's especially traumatic when children welcome home a parent with injuries. (03/09/2010)
The rail service has now operated for two full months and more people are using it than officials projected, but money for an extension to St. Cloud is mired in the Legislature. (02/24/2010)
In the last year, St. Cloud received a sizable chunk of Minnesota's share of the federal stimulus bill, but the federal money didn't always lead to new jobs. (02/18/2010)
A Kandiyohi County jury has awarded more than $23 million to a Paynesville family whose daughter is severely disabled from complications during her birth. (02/11/2010)
More than 1,200 soldiers from Minnesota's 34th Infantry Division National Guard brigade are returning home. MPR looks at what happens after the welcome back ceremonies are over. (02/09/2010)
With three members of the Howe family serving in the military, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a constant part of their lives. (02/08/2010)