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When 20-year-old Ahmed Ibrahim's father died of a stroke in February, he learned that leaders at the mosque in St. Cloud could not help his family. They ended up burying his father about 60 miles away in Willmar. (12/24/2010)
Downtown Willmar
Several months after a proposed immigration enforcement program sparked an uproar in Willmar, some residents of the west central Minnesota town worry that officials plan to revisit the issue. (12/21/2010)
Street in Hugo
New data from the American Community Survey -- the Census Bureau's ongoing survey about U.S. residents -- some Minnesota communities are showing substantial population gains. At the same time, though, the new numbers show some cities have seen population declines, mainly as a result of job losses. (12/15/2010)
Classes in the central Minnesota town of Melrose are expected to resume tomorrow after a fire forced school officials to cancel classes Tuesday. (12/07/2010)
It's a long way from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to landlocked Chippewa County in central Minnesota. But dozens of people from Micronesia have made the transition over the past 10 years and changed the character of the town of Milan. (11/24/2010)
Canada-based New Flyer, the maker of heavy-duty transit buses, reported a nearly 16 percent drop in revenue in the third quarter which ended last month. The company employs several hundred people at plants in St. Cloud and Crookston. (11/17/2010)
As part of the effort to close the achievement gap between white and minority students, educators across the state are trying to get more minority students into Advanced Placement classes. (11/09/2010)
An area housing professional doesn't see a solution soon as developers and building owners likely don't think multi-bedroom, affordable rental housing, brings a big enough return. (11/02/2010)
A quilt shop in the small central Minnesota town of Avon boasts fabric from around the world. About once a month, the shop also puts music on display, in intimate concerts that have become popular with area folk and blues fans. (10/22/2010)
Leaders and economic developers in the city of Hutchinson are holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday for the city's new industrial park. (10/18/2010)
An ongoing federal investigation into the St. Cloud school district over complaints of racial discrimination moves forward this week with face-to-face interviews. (10/13/2010)
For budding weather forecasters, it doesn't get any better than this -- spending three weeks with a "Doppler on Wheels" radar unit. Meteorology students at St. Cloud State University are getting a rare opportunity to play with this high-tech, storm-chasing toy. (10/11/2010)
"We were proud that he, during war time, was willing to step up and do his duty," Rick Clark said of his son Ryane, who was killed earlier this week in Afghanistan. (10/05/2010)
The Stearns County sheriff said Tuesday that lab work on items taken this summer from a Minnesota farm near the site of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling's 1989 abduction that has been going on this summer is almost done and no clues have emerged. (09/29/2010)
Minnesota's first commuter rail line is running an operating deficit of more than $1 million a month, a conservative, nonprofit research organization said. (09/17/2010)