Mark Wheat Feature Archive

From Bowling Green, Kentucky and by way of the rough neighborhood of Leyton, England, Cage The Elephant have emerged onto the musical horizon with their grunge-tinged Southern punk. (08/10/2009)
A bluesy diva teams up with raucous, garage rock ruffians to form The Noisettes. (08/03/2009)
Listen to the stories that Francis tells and see if you can guess as the playlist unfolds, what is the theme that links it all together? (07/22/2009)
Since finding their beginnings in Columbia, Missouri, the White Rabbits now call Brooklyn home and have exploded musically with their quirky sextet setup and power-pop hooks. (06/29/2009)
Influenced by musical friends MGMT, Amazing Baby released its debut EP as a free Internet download in July, 2008. Their latest offering, "Rewild" was released this year. (06/23/2009)
Few musical performers who've crossed over to acting have ever gone back to music with any level of success, and none have achieved the level of artistic achievement in each realm as Mos Def has with this album. (06/09/2009)
Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, paid her dues as a back-up musician throughout the indie world before emerging as a unique voice in 2007. (06/04/2009)
Jenny Lewis has been charming her audiences with her slight twang and progressive musicianship since beginning her music career with Rilo Kiley as their lead singer in 1998. (06/03/2009)
Since their first demo in 2001, The Kills have explored new territory in four ablums. Their latest, Midnight Boom was released in 2008 and explores their electro-funk side while maintaining their bluesey vocals. (05/12/2009)
Coming together in 2003 in Ann Arbor, MI, Nomo arrives as a surprise from the North with their mix of avant garde jazz and a heavy dose of funk in their Afrobeat sound. (05/05/2009)
Bass player Nick Harmer and guitarist/producer Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie both did radio while in college, and talked about how it had influenced their band. (04/23/2009)
Chairlift's avant-pop music has gone through great transformations since the trio's beginnings writing music for haunted houses when they began in 2006. (04/21/2009)
Right after performing an awesome set in our UBS Forum and being grilled by Steve Seel, Andrew very kindly let me guide him through the process of being a DJ. (04/17/2009)
It's been thirty years since The English Beat (or The Beat as they are called in the U.S.) formed in Birmingham, England in 1979. Well-known for their early-80s ska/punk hits like "Mirror in the Bathroom" and "Too Nice To Talk To," The English Beat broke up in 1983. (04/10/2009)
Eleni Mandell's breathtakingly honest and sweeping compositions have gained her acclaim far and near from her native Los Angeles. He swaggering pop-noir style has take full flight in her newest CD, "Artificial Fire." (03/27/2009)