Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones

Senior producer
Minnesota Public Radio

Jeff Jones is a Senior Producer for MPR News. He leads the production team for MPR News with Kerri Miller. Jeff has been a producer for MPR News'All Things Considered with Tom Crann and engagement editor for American Public Media's Public Insight Network. He started working at MPR in 2003 writing copy for magazine shows and booking call-in programs.

Before joining MPR, Jeff worked for Chicago Public Radio's "848"; "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" in Washington, D.C.; the Minnesota Legislature's "Session Weekly" magazine and Twin Cities Public Television. Jeff loves telling stories about places and is the creator of MPR Sound Point™.

Jeff Jones Feature Archive

The fate of football fame for the Locally Laid Egg Company based in in Wrenshall, Minn. is now in the hands of the general population of Internet users. (11/13/2013)
At the Irish Fair of Minnesota in St. Paul on Saturday afternoon, six sheep escaped during a herding demonstration, bolting the ring, pushing through the crowd and running around Harriet Island. A sheepdog dutifully followed and tried to restore order. After a brief chase, the dog -- with occasional assistance from surprised fairgoers -- returned the sheep to the demonstration area. The Irish Fair, the nation's largest free celebration of Irish culture, began Friday and ends at 7 p.m. Sunday, according to the event's website. (08/11/2013)
Opossum are not native to Minnesota, but are now being seen as far north as Bemidji. Some see their arrival as a sign of climate change, but biologists say other human-caused changes contribute much more. (03/09/2011)
An earthquake, an oil spill, an election and the weather dominated headlines in 2010. But MPR's Public Insight Network asked Minnesotans what changes most impacted them on an individual level this year. (12/31/2010)
TV producers gamble that even tape-delayed Olympic drama can rival the manufactured story lines of "CSI" or "The Bachelor." Usually, they're right. (02/22/2010)
To track the progress of Minnesota's athletes competing at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, we've created a friendly competition between the Morning Edition and All Things Considered programs, which we call MPR's Fantasy Olympic Games. (02/16/2010)
An exhibit of Matryoshka is bringing many visitors to the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis. The dozens of sets displayed there include some of the earliest examples of the form, the mass-produced products of the Soviet era and striking examples of the creativity of artists in the post-Soviet era. (12/18/2009)
The newest of Minnesota's five national park sites, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, sits right in the middle of the state's biggest population center. (10/02/2009)
When we started thinking about a series of stories about Minnesota's national parks, we were quickly confronted by a tricky question -- just how many parks does Minnesota have? (09/29/2009)
Torgersen's house has been "red carded," which means it has serious structural damage and she and her family will not be allowed to go back into it. (05/27/2008)
Pelican Rapids is still basically a farming community. But a decade-and-a-half of immigration has changed the town a lot. That's not just clear on Main Street, If you drive a few miles out of town, life is even different on the farm. (05/30/2006)
The 2006 Minneapolis and St. Paul International Auto Show wraps up March 22 at the Minneapolis Convention center. With average area gas prices hovering around two-fifty per gallon, Minnesota Public Radio's Steven John checked out how fuel-efficient vehicles are being received at the show. (03/20/2006)