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Kathryn Herzog Feature Archive

Farmers think the manure could be used to provide electricity. (05/17/1999)
Funding begins to dry up for AIDS programs in outstate Minnesota, where it's hard to keep a secret. (05/07/1999)
In some white Minnesota counties, the minority population has just begun to grow. (05/04/1999)
NSP left holding nuclear waste after legal fight fails. (04/08/1999)
Disagreement exists over how prepared nuclear plants are for the computer bug. (02/17/1999)
The gas explosion in St. Cloud put a new 9-1-1 system to the test. (02/09/1999)
Officials say there shouldn't be many problems. But just in case ... (02/03/1999)
Market glut increases business for all segments of hog industry. (12/28/1998)
Once largely an urban problem, gangs are now attracting rural youth. (12/22/1998)
Many failing to answer the call of these small communities. (12/11/1998)
In the past 50 years, Minnesota's farmlands have become increasingly less varied. (11/23/1998)
Benson citizens seek to accommodate an increasingly diverse population. (09/24/1998)
The River Defense Network Project use computer models and community awareness to prepare for spills. (09/09/1998)
Bioengineered plants are welcomed by many farmers but resisted by some scientists and consumers. (09/08/1998)