Lorna Benson Feature Archive

State officials say 129 clinics and hospitals in Minnesota received drug products that could pose a possible meningitis risk to patients. (10/16/2012)
Minnesota health care providers are being urged to contact any patients who received a drug injection manufactured by the New England Compounding Center. (10/15/2012)
Minnesota has confirmed its fifth case of fungal meningitis linked to the contaminated steroids. (10/15/2012)
Compounding pharmacies have been under intense scrutiny since news emerged that a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy prepared and distributed contaminated steroids linked to meningitis infections. (10/15/2012)
Two of the three Minnesota patients being treated for fungal meningitis have been released from the hospital. (10/11/2012)
The Massachusetts pharmacy that sold contaminated steroids to two Twin Cities-based pain management facilities did not have a Minnesota license to distribute the drugs in bulk quantities. (10/10/2012)
Several hundred of the more than 800 Minnesota patients exposed to potentially contaminated steroid injections are reporting symptoms that could be signs of meningitis infection. (10/08/2012)
A couple dozen Minnesota patients have been urged to get a medical evaluation for possible meningitis infections. The patients all received injections of a steroid that has been linked to 42 illnesses and five deaths in six states. (10/05/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Health estimates that as many as 1,000 patients may have received contaminated steroids that have been implicated in a national meningitis outbreak. Two Twin Cities-based health care groups used steroids from the same product lots that have been linked to the deaths of five patients and 30 illnesses in six states. (10/05/2012)
Two Twin Cities-based health care groups used steroids from the same product lots that have been implicated in a deadly meningitis outbreak. (10/04/2012)
But the Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed more than 3,700 cases of whooping cough so far this year -- the most since the 1940s. (10/04/2012)
An outbreak of infections last year at St. Cloud Hospital caused serious harm, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. (10/02/2012)
Minnesota kicked off a campaign Tuesday to urge more Minnesotans to plan for their needs as they age so they can live independently for as long as possible. (10/02/2012)
On the law's 5-year anniversary Monday, state health commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger says a study from the Mayo Clinic shows a decline in heart attacks after the ban took effect. (10/01/2012)
The fatal shooting at a sign shop in Minneapolis is the state's deadliest workplace homicide in at least 20 years. Six people, including the gunman, are dead from the shooting. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, until yesterday the highest number of employee's killed in any one case of workplace violence was two. Job termination is a well-known risk factor that can lead to workplace violence. But it's rarely the only reason. (09/28/2012)