Marisa Helms Feature Archive

Metropolitan Airports Commission officials are holding a hearing in an effort to resolve a dispute that has pitted freedom of religious expression against service to airport customers. (02/27/2007)
A new class of recruits enters the St. Paul Police Academy Monday, facing an intensive 10-week course to determine which of them will go on to field training and ultimately, become one of St. Paul's finest. (02/26/2007)
Security concerns for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul have a group of downtown residents who live at a homeless shelter wondering how they'll be affected. (02/15/2007)
The Department of Public Safety and Clear Channel Outdoor announced Wednesday that the missing-children alerts would be carried on six digital billboards immediately. The announcement comes as some communities try to ban the billboards. (01/31/2007)
St. Paul City Council members say too many landlords are neglecting their properties. They say it's unsafe for tenants and creating blight in the city's neighborhoods. (01/16/2007)
The Schmidt Brewery, on West 7th Street near downtown St. Paul, has a new owner. The 150-year-old building has been the home to two breweries, and most recently, a controversial ethanol plant. (01/09/2007)
St. Paul City officials say taxpayers won't have to pay a dime in extra costs when the Republican National Convention comes to town in 2008. (01/08/2007)
Ford has puzzled some by putting up for sale one of the soon-to-be-closed plant's major assets -- a unique hydroelectric plant that has powered Ford's St. Paul operation for 83 years. (01/05/2007)
Reporters, photographers and copy editors are among those who said "yes" to a company buyout offer. (11/30/2006)
Mall of America officials have announced details for a long-planned expansion. (11/27/2006)
School districts asking for more money from residents didn't fare well last night. Operating levy referendums passed in only 29 school districts but 69 districts were looking to increase taxes to generate more money. (11/08/2006)
Despite reports of a few problems at some polling places today, it appeared Election Day is running smoothly, with estimates indicating high turnout for a mid-term election. (11/07/2006)
The move is seen as a victory for city officials and neighborhood groups who have raised concerns about the plan. (11/01/2006)
The St. Paul Schools' current levy referendum is expiring next summer. So the district board is asking taxpayers to pay more than $20 million dollars a year for six years to avoid cutting school programs. (10/30/2006)
A coalition of about 40 groups advocating for battered women have joined forces with St. Paul and Ramsey County to provide more convenient assistance to victims of Domestic Abuse. (10/22/2006)