Marisa Helms Feature Archive

Voter turnout among 18 to 24-year-olds is declining faster than for voters over 25. Many political and social scientists say young people are spectators to democracy because they don't see themselves as having a voice. (11/06/2003)
University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks told reporters Thursday the university is "working on coming up with" an agreement to get striking workers back on the job. He did not say when the university would head back to the negotiating table. (10/29/2003)
University of Minnesota administration officials say despite the strike of clerical workers, it's been business as usual for the most part. But there are indications that picketing is having an effect on departments and students. (10/27/2003)
The third day of the strike by University of Minnesota clerical workers passed with no sign of movement from either side to break the impasse. No talks have been scheduled since the negotiations broke off Monday evening. Since the strike began the two sides have disagreed about how many workers have taken to the picket lines. The university says nearly 60 percent of the 1,900 workers covered by the clerical contract have shown up for work. Union leaders say the number is half that. (10/23/2003)
Members of the University of Minnesota's clerical union are off the job and on the picket lines again Wednesday, in the second day of a strike over wages and health care costs. No new talks were scheduled. Leadership for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3800 says members will stay on strike until the university comes up with a better offer. University officials say the 15 percent cut to its state appropriation last session means their best offer is already on the table. (10/22/2003)
Nearly 2,000 University of Minnesota clerical workers are walking the picket lines. Negotiations between the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3800 and university officials broke down on Monday. No new talks are planned. (10/21/2003)
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich brought his presidential campaign kick-off tour to Minneapolis on Tuesday night. About 2,000 supporters gathered at Roosevelt High School, one of 12 stops Kucinich scheduled over three days. Kucinich supporters say their candidate is the only presidential contender who truly represents a change from George W. Bush. (10/15/2003)
University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks says the institution is robust and poised to become even greater despite its current budget crisis. At his State of the University address on Thursday Bruininks outlined recent university successes and new priorities for the coming year. Following the speech, Bruininks was put on the defensive by union workers and their supporters who are critical of the university's policy on salaries. (10/02/2003)
The University of Minnesota's clerical union could be headed for a strike. Negotiations between the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 3800, and university officials broke down in early September. Union members vote Wednesday and Thursday on whether to take the advice of union leadership and reject the university's offer and authorize a strike. (09/30/2003)
Investigators say they don't know yet know what started a fire this weekend that killed three University of Minnesota students. And they are not releasing any details of the investigation. But, in response to the tragedy, Minneapolis officials say they will conduct an inspection sweep of university-area rental properties over the next several weeks. (09/22/2003)
A sold-out crowd of 1,000 people celebrated former Gov. Al Quie's 80th birthday Thursday night. Friends and colleagues say Quie's strong commitment to public service, bipartisan politics and spirituality makes him a unique man and role model. (09/19/2003)
State regulators are taking testimony this week on Xcel Energy's proposal to convert some of its coal-fired power plants to natural gas. The $1 billion project would reduce some air pollutants altogether in two plants. Plant neighbors and environmentalists generally favor Xcel's plans. But business leaders fear the conversions will cost too much. (09/16/2003)
Tens of thousands of students start classes on Tuesday at the University of Minnesota. While many freshmen say they are excited about the challenges of being in college and away from home for the first time, older students say tuition increases and scarce part time employment mean a stressful and hectic lifestyle. (09/02/2003)
Many Minnesota businesses would just as soon put the last two years behind them. But as one of the state's few defense-industry companies, Edina-based Alliant Techsystems stands out as an exception in an otherwise stagnant post-9/11 economy. (09/01/2003)
Though the Democratic presidential nominating convention isn't until next summer, several of the nine candidates vying for George Bushs' job have been making Minnesota a must-stop state on the campaign trail. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the latest candidate to roll into Minnesota. He spoke to hundreds of supporters this weekend at rally at Central High School in St. Paul. (08/17/2003)