Marisa Helms Feature Archive

President Bush left Minneapolis Monday after raising $1 million at a private fundraiser and giving a policy speech to a national education group. Many who attended the annual convention of the American Association of Community Colleges in Minneapolis Monday, say they are grateful for the president's recognition of the education and job training programs offered by the country's nearly 1,200 community colleges. (04/26/2004)
An interdisciplinary class on medieval history at Augsburg College is creating a memorable learning experience for a new class of freshmen. Forget stodgy lectures; think time travel. (04/20/2004)
When University of Minnesota officials announced recently they would pursue human embryonic stem cell research, they made a pledge to keep the controversial process open to public scrutiny. To that end, the university held a public forum Tuesday night to discuss the science and ethical issues behind the new research policy. (04/14/2004)
Gopher fans and players Wednesday night celebrated the eight months of hard work, sweat and tears that came to an end Sunday for the University of Minnesota women's basketball team. The Gophers made history this year, becoming the first U of M women's basketball team to advance to the NCAA Final Four Tournament. At a welcome home rally at Williams Arena, hundreds of fans came to show their support for the team. (04/08/2004)
The University of Minnesota women's basketball team is going to the Final Four in New Orleans. The Gophers beat the Number-one-ranked Duke Blue Devils 82-75 in Norfolk, Vir. It was a close, exciting game. Hundreds of fans watching at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis brought an excitement to the evening that could match any live Gophers game on campus. (03/31/2004)
A year ago opponents of war with Iraq took to the streets by the thousands across the country and in Minnesota. In the weeks and months following the invasion, visible opposition to the war dwindled. Now, a year after the conflict began, anti-war activists say they haven't given up, but they are changing their strategy. (03/19/2004)
Dozens of lawmakers are prepared to stand behind a bill that would deny public money to institutions that conduct research on human embryos. The bill is a threat to the University of Minnesota, where officials announced that they will pursue embryonic stem cell research. (02/12/2004)
University of Minnesota officials urged lawmakers Tuesday to fully fund the U's $156 million bonding request. Gov. Pawlenty has recommended borrowing about half that amount for university construction projects. An impassioned university president took members of the House Finance committee on a campus tour to make the point that the governor's proposal isn't enough to maintain the university, let alone move it forward. (02/03/2004)
Minnesota voters say if the presidential election were held today, Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts would have the best chance to beat George W. Bush in the state. A new Mason-Dixon poll sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio and the St. Paul Pioneer Press sheds light on voter opinions on President Bush, the Democratic candidates for president, and the war on terrorism. (01/30/2004)
Privacy advocates say Eagan-based Northwest Airlines violated its own privacy policies by sharing passenger information with the federal governement. But Northwest officials say they simply complied with the government's counter-terrorism research. Privacy groups are threatening to take legal action in response to the airline's data-sharing. (01/19/2004)
Civil rights leader Kweisi Mfume spoke Thursday night at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. On the eve of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the national president of the NAACP brought a message of celebration and a call to action -- challenging people of all races and backgrounds to "be more and do more." (01/16/2004)
Minnesota's Commissoner of Health announced late Monday that the agency will change some language on its Web site that links breast cancer to abortion. The controversial language is part of the 'Woman's Right to Know' section of the Health Department's Web site. (01/13/2004)
Thousands of Mexican Americans in Minnesota Friday celebrate a Mexican national holiday, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The annual celebration commemorates the day the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a Mexican peasant nearly five centuries ago. Hundreds attended a midnight Mass at a St. Paul church Thursday night to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe. (12/12/2003)
University of Minnesota officials on Monday predicted an on-campus football stadium would cost $220 million to build, but the school's president said he's prepared to do it without a $35 million pledge from an alumnus. (12/08/2003)
Democratic presidential hopeful Wesley Clark was in the Twin Cities this weekend to raise money for his campaign. Clark is one of nine candidates seeking the Democratic nomination. Observers say coming to Minnesota when most candidates are stumping for the nation's first primary in New Hampshire, sends a signal Clark is in the campaign for the long haul. (11/23/2003)