Andrew Haeg Feature Archive

Members of the Hotel Workers Union Local 17 rallied in downtown Minneapolis to dramatise their vote last night to reject a wage and benefits offer from the management of nine Twin Cities hotels. The union says they will go out on strike unless the hotels improve their offer. Workers and supporters were joined by Reverend Jesse Jackson, Senator Paul Wellstone, and others who led a surprise attempt to bargain with management. (06/09/2000)
Reports of a possible merger are making some wonder what would happen if Northwest moved its headquarters from the Twin Cities and no longer used the airport here as its hub. And others say consumers will pay the price of consolidation. (06/02/2000)
Despite record-low unemployment in Minnesota and nationally, corporations are laying off substantial numbers of workers. Many turn to the state for help in getting new job skills, but that option may not be available much longer. (04/14/2000)
Access to high-speed communications is becoming increasingly important for business and consumers. But some people, including Governor Jesse Ventura, say the state's laws governing telephone and cable television companies are badly out of date. That's why the Legislature is considering competing proposals aimed at bringing Minnesotans lower prices and more services. (02/18/2000)
Some Twin Cities residents can now buy groceries over the Internet, thanks to a new company called SimonDelivers. The company says it's signing people up at a fast pace, but it's also experiencing growing pains that illustrate why the online grocery business is so tough. (02/14/2000)
Cable television company MediaOne says it is now offering local telephone service to residents of twelve St. Paul suburbs. (12/21/1999)