Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Moorhead and other rail towns now are rethinking how well prepared they are for an incident like the explosion in Casselton, N.D. Federal lawmakers are asking questions and considering new laws. In St. Paul, legislators were expected to take up the rail safety issue at an informational hearing again Wednesday at the Capitol. (03/05/2014)
Police say they are still trying to find out why a young girl was outside a Bemidji apartment on a morning with temperatures as low as -27. (02/27/2014)
A law from 2011 that requires some businesses to take an aquatic invasive species class has been expanded to include more businesses. (02/15/2014)
State legislators established a hunting license surcharge 15 years ago to fund winter deer feeding and deer health. The fund has a balance of $770,000. (02/13/2014)
Increased irrigation pumping is driving up the cost of water for residents in Park Rapids, Minn., and is a big reason the state has established one of three groundwater management areas here. (02/13/2014)
Using a specialized greenhouse, farmers Tom Prieve and Sue Wika grow fresh vegetables year round -- without a crushing electric bill. (02/03/2014)
Even if prices do rise, Midwesterners might not want to complain too loudly. In the Midwest, one million BTUs of gas costs $10. In New York, consumers pay $60 for that amount, LaRose said. A big reason for that disparity in pricing is the pipeline system that distributes natural gas to the Midwest. (01/27/2014)
A Grand Forks company that uses goose antibodies to prevent and treat disease is close to marketing its first product, a treatment for parvovirus in dogs. (01/23/2014)
Many farmers are technologically savvy, using remote sensors and satellite images to monitor their fields. As soon as the FAA passes new rules, drones are expected to be another tool adopted by agriculture. (01/22/2014)
Singing hymns while drinking beer might sound like an unusual church event, but a growing number of congregations are turning to the non-traditional approach to lure new members in the Twin Cities and in cities across the country -- and in Fargo. (01/20/2014)
Most Americans are spoiled when it comes to water, according to Robert Glennon. We open the tap and get as much water as we want and it costs us less per month than a cellphone. (01/14/2014)
In recent years, bees have become victims of a perfect storm and two Minnesota state agencies are working on ways to make the environment healthier for bees. The issue is likely to be a hot topic during the upcoming Legislative session. (01/13/2014)
An oil train accident near Casselton, N.D., last month started when an oncoming grain train derailed, according to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board. (01/13/2014)
South Dakota philanthropist Denny Sanford will donate $125 million to the health system that bears his name for a new program to integrate genetics and health care. (01/07/2014)
A new generation of students is using the Music Industry and Entertainment Studies program at Minnesota State University-Moorhead to gain real-world experience in a rapidly changing industry. (01/03/2014)