Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Farmers can use the funds to plant bee-friendly wild flowers. Officials hope the investment will aid efforts to curb colony collapse. (10/29/2014)
During Wednesday's debate, Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson said he has worked with Republicans. State Sen. Torrey Westrom, R-Elbow Lake, tried to tie him to the president. (10/22/2014)
Honey bee deaths are generating new demand for seed mixes to grow habitat for pollinating insects. Observers say that's good for the seed business and the environment. (10/06/2014)
Inaccurate cargo lists on trains could leave residents and emergency responders vulnerable to spills of hazardous chemicals. (09/23/2014)
The body matches the physical description and clothing of Tom Bearson, police said Tuesday afternoon. (09/23/2014)
Minnesota and North Dakota officials says that unless railroads do more to address late-arriving trains, farmers and businesses will pay the price - especially at harvest time. (09/04/2014)
Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday told an audience in Moorhead that he wants to make sure the planned Red River diversion does not harm Minnesota. But he heard mixed assessments from local officials, some of whom support the plan. (09/03/2014)
More than 50 oil trains a week now pass through Minnesota, and other rail traffic is increasing as well. (09/02/2014)
Delays in moving grain to market cost Minnesota farmers more than $100 million. (09/01/2014)
Checking docks and boat lifts as they are pulled from the lake is a good way to find new zebra mussel infestations. (08/30/2014)
In a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gov. Mark Dayton said agency should not allow the project to proceed until Minnesota can complete an environmental impact statement. (08/26/2014)
The state is seeking $500,000 to fund a program aimed at keeping up with increasing oil shipments and train traffic. Although the Federal Railroad Administration has sole authority to regulate railroads, state inspectors can work under the federal agency. (08/21/2014)
The Minnesota fields offer a clear look at how Fargo-based Offutt, the nation's largest potato grower, is rethinking the way it uses pesticides. (08/10/2014)
BNSF is adding hundreds of locomotives to its fleet, hiring thousands of workers and laying new track to bring rail supply and demand back into balance, according to company officials. (08/07/2014)
For years, scientists have studied honeybees to assess the connection between their declining population and the use of pesticides, declining habitat and disease. But until recently, they paid little attention to Minnesota's native bees. (08/04/2014)