Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Trains carry a variety of hazardous materials. First responders have to be ready for all of them. (04/01/2015)
Environmentalists want oil companies to reduce volatile gasses in Bakken crude before it ships. State regulators say their new approach is cheaper for the industry and improves safety. (03/30/2015)
Genetically modified corn pollen carried on the wind can contaminate organic corn fields and cost farmers thousands. One breeder says he's created an organic corn that rejects foreign pollen. (03/17/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton said traffic congestion caused by trains blocks railroad crossings and emergency vehicles. He proposes $330 million in railroad taxes over 10 years to fund projects. (03/16/2015)
The north metro area has already seen a few small wildfires, and the DNR expects the wildfire threat to increase over the weekend. (03/12/2015)
The Department of Natural Resources is reminding anglers to remove fish houses and garbage from lakes before the ice melts. (03/01/2015)
Drones are on duty, quietly policing the sprawling U.S. borders. Here's a look inside the drone operation headquartered at Grand Forks Air Force Base. (02/19/2015)
A Florida drone company will start building small unmanned aircraft in North Dakota. (02/13/2015)
Michael Strand makes clay cups and then trades them for other cups people bring to his art exhibitions. His art helps people share their stories. (02/11/2015)
Preliminary findings by Minnesota and South Dakota researchers show a potential risk to monarch butterflies when neonicotinoids are used in plants near milkweed. (02/10/2015)
Thomas Bearson, whose body was found five miles from a party in Fargo where he was last seen, did not die of a drug or alcohol overdose, police said. (02/09/2015)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency asked the four major railroads operating in the state to respond to take-home drills that test their disaster preparedness. (02/03/2015)
A Department of Natural Resources official says he's surprised by opposition to a plan requiring boaters take online invasive species training but confident a compromise can be found. (01/28/2015)
Young people don't want to go into the business, but it's a vital one Minnesota can't easily do without. (01/19/2015)
The slow pace of federal rule making is forcing businesses and even some North Dakota researchers to take their drones to Canada where it's easier to get test flight permission. (01/05/2015)