Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Now that the state Department of Natural Resources has used chemicals to kill zebra mussels in Christmas Lake, local officials want to keep them out by requiring clean boats. (04/30/2015)
Voters chose Tim Mahoney over businessman Brad Wimmer to replace Dennis Walaker, who died in December while battling cancer. (04/29/2015)
A few Minnesota farmers are testing what may be a better way to irrigate fields and manage water in a changing climate. It may also trigger conflicts. (04/29/2015)
R.J. Zavoral & Sons construction misled federal officials in order to land a contract on the Heartsville Coulee Diversion project, the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota said. (04/21/2015)
Minnesota manufacturers are turning to robots to help ease a labor shortage. They're especially helpful to companies in small towns. (04/21/2015)
Weekend rain could ease fire danger in Minnesota, but any relief will only be temporary. (04/18/2015)
The Detroit Lakes City Council has approved a controversial $11 million development over the objections of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The agency is weighing its next step. (04/15/2015)
State officials say the lakeside project is too big for the space and will lead to environmental problems. The Detroit Lakes City Council takes up the issue Tuesday. (04/13/2015)
Flood insurance premiums in a one south Moorhead neighborhood were as high as $4,700 a year. (04/07/2015)
The bill provides exemptions for unmanned aircraft patrolling the U.S.-Canadian border and drones used in cases of imminent danger, an environmental or weather catastrophe or for research. (04/03/2015)
Trains carry a variety of hazardous materials. First responders have to be ready for all of them. (04/01/2015)
Environmentalists want oil companies to reduce volatile gasses in Bakken crude before it ships. State regulators say their new approach is cheaper for the industry and improves safety. (03/30/2015)
Genetically modified corn pollen carried on the wind can contaminate organic corn fields and cost farmers thousands. One breeder says he's created an organic corn that rejects foreign pollen. (03/17/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton said traffic congestion caused by trains blocks railroad crossings and emergency vehicles. He proposes $330 million in railroad taxes over 10 years to fund projects. (03/16/2015)
The north metro area has already seen a few small wildfires, and the DNR expects the wildfire threat to increase over the weekend. (03/12/2015)