Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

R.J. Zavoral & Sons construction misled federal officials in order to land a contract on the Heartsville Coulee Diversion project, the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota said. (04/21/2015)
Minnesota manufacturers are turning to robots to help ease a labor shortage. They're especially helpful to companies in small towns. (04/21/2015)
Weekend rain could ease fire danger in Minnesota, but any relief will only be temporary. (04/18/2015)
The Detroit Lakes City Council has approved a controversial $11 million development over the objections of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The agency is weighing its next step. (04/15/2015)
State officials say the lakeside project is too big for the space and will lead to environmental problems. The Detroit Lakes City Council takes up the issue Tuesday. (04/13/2015)
Flood insurance premiums in a one south Moorhead neighborhood were as high as $4,700 a year. (04/07/2015)
The bill provides exemptions for unmanned aircraft patrolling the U.S.-Canadian border and drones used in cases of imminent danger, an environmental or weather catastrophe or for research. (04/03/2015)
Trains carry a variety of hazardous materials. First responders have to be ready for all of them. (04/01/2015)
Environmentalists want oil companies to reduce volatile gasses in Bakken crude before it ships. State regulators say their new approach is cheaper for the industry and improves safety. (03/30/2015)
Genetically modified corn pollen carried on the wind can contaminate organic corn fields and cost farmers thousands. One breeder says he's created an organic corn that rejects foreign pollen. (03/17/2015)
Gov. Mark Dayton said traffic congestion caused by trains blocks railroad crossings and emergency vehicles. He proposes $330 million in railroad taxes over 10 years to fund projects. (03/16/2015)
The north metro area has already seen a few small wildfires, and the DNR expects the wildfire threat to increase over the weekend. (03/12/2015)
The Department of Natural Resources is reminding anglers to remove fish houses and garbage from lakes before the ice melts. (03/01/2015)
Drones are on duty, quietly policing the sprawling U.S. borders. Here's a look inside the drone operation headquartered at Grand Forks Air Force Base. (02/19/2015)
A Florida drone company will start building small unmanned aircraft in North Dakota. (02/13/2015)