Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Several months of unusually dry conditions mean that for the first time in three years, thousands of residents of the Red River Valley aren't scrambling to prepare for major flooding. (03/14/2012)
Hundreds of tribal members met in Mahnomen Thursday for the annual report on the state of the White Earth Nation. (03/08/2012)
Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke Tuesday to an enthusiastic crowd in Fargo, N.D. (03/06/2012)
The Republican presidential candidate told a crowd of about 200 that he would allow expanded oil drilling on federal lands and expedite pipeline projects if elected president. (03/01/2012)
Nearly 1,000 North Dakota State University students gathered last night to remember Lauren Peterson, Megan Sample, Danielle Renninger and Jordan Playle, who died Monday in a crash on I-94. (02/24/2012)
MPR's Dan Gunderson talks with Cathy Wurzer about the latest news out of the northwest Minnesota area. (02/22/2012)
Lawsuits have been filed, laws passed, laws repealed, the nickname's been retired, it's been reinstated -- all because nickname supporters refuse to give up. (02/20/2012)
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum drew a crowd of hundreds at a campaign stop in Fargo, N.D. Wednesday evening. (02/15/2012)
Two NDSU researchers believe the key to extracting oil from shale is in understanding the material the nano scale, where they have different properties. (02/15/2012)
A new study finds Minnesota groundwater is contaminated with low levels of chemicals, but the chemicals are not as widespread in groundwater as they are in lakes and streams. (02/13/2012)
Dam modification projects in northwest Minnesota are not only restoring fish habitats, but making river use safer for people. (02/10/2012)
The Detroit Pistons team is donating a DC-9 aircraft to the aviation program at a Minnesota college. (02/09/2012)
Workshops are scheduled around Minnesota this month for volunteers to serve as the state's early warning system for invasive species. Trained volunteers help find invasive species, but also help respond when invasive species are detected. (02/04/2012)
Prospects for ending the contract dispute appear to be fading as both sides make plans for a long struggle. (01/31/2012)
In a first for local law enforcement in the region, 16 North Dakota counties will soon use two small unmanned aircraft to monitor crime scenes and track suspects. (01/31/2012)