Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Low humidity and windy conditions are driving the warnings, especially in the northwest and west-central part of Minnesota. (10/02/2012)
More Minnesota lake residents have begun creating lake improvement districts to tax themselves and fight aquatic invasive species. (10/02/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has extra firefighting equipment on standby in northwest Minnesota because of extreme fire danger. (09/29/2012)
Twenty northwest Minnesota counties are working with North Dakota to attract foreign investment to the region. The EB5 program rewards foreign investment with a green card. Minnesota is one of a handful of states that does not have an EB5 center. Winning the trust of foreign investors can be a challenge, but can also bring big benefits. (09/28/2012)
NASA and the University of North Dakota are testing new technology that allows unmanned aircraft to sense and avoid other aircraft in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration says effective sense-and-avoid technology is a critical requirement before unmanned aircraft will be allowed to fly in the national air space. The new technology will be demonstrated using an unmanned aircraft and a specially outfitted research aircraft. (09/21/2012)
An experimental effort to stop the spread of zebra mussels in a northern Minnesota lake might be working, according to the state Department of Natural Resources. (09/06/2012)
Local research could lead to a breakthrough in treatment of disease caused by the West Nile virus. A small Grand Forks biotech company is preparing for human trials of West Nile antibodies produced by geese. (09/05/2012)
A Fargo-Moorhead tutoring program that uses computer software to teach refugees how to speak and write English is expanding. Organizers say the program could become a national model. (08/29/2012)
After a summer of watching invasive species spread to more lakes, Minnesota lake property owners worry the Department of Natural Resources and local governments are not doing enough to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. (08/29/2012)
The discovery of a new invasive species in the Mississippi River highlights the potential for backyard pond plants to spread. (08/22/2012)
Farmers are plowing up millions of acres of grassland and wetlands to put the land into crop production. The change could have great effect on wildlife populations. (08/16/2012)
Scientists are slogging through wetlands across the state and poring over thousands of aerial photos. It's all part of a big project to check the health of Minnesota wetlands. (08/10/2012)
Five USDA county offices are closing in Minnesota this week. (08/05/2012)
A growing number of Minnesotans are competing in a little-known sport called cowboy mounted shooting, an activity that attracts participants who have a hankering for the Wild West. Cowboy mounted shooting combines horses, guns and split-second timing. (08/03/2012)
The Department of Natural Resources expanded its watercraft inspection program this year but faces a big challenge in a state with more than 10,000 lakes. (07/30/2012)