Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Workshops are scheduled around Minnesota this month for volunteers to serve as the state's early warning system for invasive species. Trained volunteers help find invasive species, but also help respond when invasive species are detected. (02/04/2012)
Prospects for ending the contract dispute appear to be fading as both sides make plans for a long struggle. (01/31/2012)
In a first for local law enforcement in the region, 16 North Dakota counties will soon use two small unmanned aircraft to monitor crime scenes and track suspects. (01/31/2012)
Lake Winnipeg is a major fishery in Manitoba, but it's health is declining because of nutrients like phosphorus flowing in through the Red River. The nutrients cause large algae blooms. (01/29/2012)
The University of Minnesota has just completed work on a new on-line dictionary of Ojibwe language and culture. (01/28/2012)
The outlook says there's only a 6 percent chance of major flooding in Fargo-Moorhead. The highest expected river level is about 13 feet lower than the record Red River flood of 2009. (01/26/2012)
The FAA in 2012 will establish six test sites for unmanned aircraft. North Dakota hopes to get one of those sites, and a group of Minnesota businesses is organizing to take advantage of the growing industry. (01/26/2012)
When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, several former Kurdish refugees living in Moorhead volunteered to serve as interpreters and guides for the military. Now they worry about relatives left behind when American troops withdrew. (01/18/2012)
Many lakeshore owners want lawmakers to spend more in the fight against invasive species that they say could negatively impact lake property values and rural economies. (01/13/2012)
A request for a new trial for a Minnesota man on death row had its first hearing today in Fargo, N.D. (01/09/2012)
The oil boom has padded state coffers and brought record growth to the western part of the state, but it's also thrown the economy out of equilibrium. (01/02/2012)
Thin ice on Minnesota lakes continues to cause problems for anglers across the state. (01/02/2012)
A Fargo man has become the second person to face criminal charges in Minnesota for transporting invasive zebra mussels. (12/29/2011)
Kurdish residents in Fargo-Moorhead who fled Iraq and resettled in Fargo-Moorhead over the past 20 years are trying to reconnect their children with traditional language and culture. (12/27/2011)
A Minnesota organization is suing the Food and Drug Administration over regulation of nanotechnology. (12/22/2011)