Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

International business giant Hitachi is partnering with Microsoft to develop a new software business in Fargo within a year. (12/05/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton met with an American Crystal executive and listened to locked out workers stories during a Saturday visit to Moorhead. Union workers have been locked out of jobs there since Aug. 1 on a contract dispute. (12/03/2011)
The president of American Crystal Sugar Co. said company shareholders are telling management to not back down in a labor dispute with union workers. (12/01/2011)
Researchers are studying ways to turn wasted natural gas from oil wells into farm fertilizer. (11/30/2011)
Locked-out American Crystal Sugar workers are gathering Wednesday evening for a prayer vigil in Moorhead. (11/30/2011)
After $60 million has been spent to buy and replace flood-prone homes along the Red River with permanent levees and floodwalls, Moorhead officials hope to kick-start the local housing market early next year with a mix of marketing and financial incentives. (11/29/2011)
Many Minnesota residents expect a bigger bill when their property tax statements arrive this month. But across the border, North Dakota residents are considering a proposal to make the state the first in the nation to abolish property taxes. (11/25/2011)
American Crystal Sugar Co. has begun advertising that it's seeking workers for its sugar factories, signaling a new phase in the company's lockout of its 1,300 union workers, which is in its fourth month. (11/22/2011)
Several small communities near Fargo-Moorhead are joining forces in an effort to stop a proposed Red River diversion. (11/17/2011)
Four new radio stations are on the air across northern Minnesota, and each is eager to serve American Indian audiences. (11/08/2011)
After years of legal wrangling, the Minnesota DNR will allow Kittson County to open a road through a wildlife refuge. (11/03/2011)
The lawsuit contends an environmental assessment completed earlier this year by the Fish and Wildlife Service was not adequate. That review found no environmental risk to planting genetically modified crops on refuges. (11/03/2011)
North Dakota and the state's coal industry is suing the state of Minnesota to overturn a law that restricts imports of electricity that's generated by coal. (11/02/2011)
Locked out union workers at American Crystal Sugar Company Tuesday rejected a second contract offer. The lockout of 1300 union workers is now entering its fourth month. (11/01/2011)
Mayor Mark Voxland said by the end of 2013 the city will have purchased and removed 280 flood-prone homes and will have 12 miles of new or improved levees. (10/28/2011)