Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Federal help to fight crime is coming to a northern Minnesota Indian reservation. The U.S. Department of Justice announces Friday that White Earth will be the first reservation in the country to be awarded a shared jurisdiction. It means tribal, state and federal authorities will now share responsibility for investigating and prosecuting crimes. (03/15/2013)
The state of North Dakota and Microsoft are starting a three-year digital literacy program to provide technology training for students and adults. (03/14/2013)
Concerned about a potential environmental hazard, government regulators and researchers are studying the presence of nanoparticles in consumer products. (03/11/2013)
Minnesota is home to two of the largest snowmobile manufacturers in the world, so perhaps it's no surprise that the state is also home to some of the best snowmobile racers in the world. One of them, Tucker Hibbert, is king of snocross, the sport's most eye-popping, television-friendly and dangerous events. (03/08/2013)
Major flooding as defined by the National Weather Service does not pose significant risk for the communities. (03/07/2013)
The National Weather Service says there's an increased risk of spring flooding in Fargo-Moorhead, but the outlook is not raising major concerns. (02/21/2013)
Tiny amounts of chemicals in Minnesota lakes might be having a big effect on some fish populations, according to two new studies by Minnesota researchers. (02/20/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is holding mandatory invasive species training sessions around the state for lake service providers. (02/17/2013)
A pilot project to improve care for senior citizens in rural areas is being developed by a Minnesota-based senior housing and care services company. (02/05/2013)
Moorhead is fighting a new state pollution rule designed to protect water quality in Canada. (02/05/2013)
The Department of Natural Resources will meet with local officials in northwest Minnesota this week to share information about managing aquatic invasive species. (01/27/2013)
American Crystal Sugar Company has paid a fine of nearly $25,000 and taken action to correct air pollution violations. (01/25/2013)
Ten Minnesota cities are getting payments as part of a class action lawsuit against the makers of the herbicide Atrazine. (01/24/2013)
Nanotechnology is changing many basic products. But there are questions about what happens to those nano particles when they find their way into the environment. A new federally funded research center in Wisconsin brings together scientists from several states to help answer those questions. (01/21/2013)
National Guard soldiers from eight states will be in Minnesota next week to test their skiing and shooting skills. The Guard sponsors regional biathlon competitions for guard teams from across the country. Winning brings bragging rights for the Guard teams, as well as the chance to compete against national teams around the world. (01/18/2013)