Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Locked-out American Crystal Sugar union members are headed back to work after the union voted over the weekend to accept the company's contract offer. Union members, who have been locked out at five factories in the Red River Valley since August 2011, expect a bumpy return to their old jobs. (04/15/2013)
Locked-out union employees at American Crystal Sugar will be going back to work after approving the company's contract offer on Saturday. (04/13/2013)
The Minnesota Agriculture Department is encouraging use of a new mapping system to protect organic crops from pesticide drift. (04/13/2013)
Tribal governments can now directly request a disaster declaration from the president. In the past, tribes needed to make a disaster request through a state governor, the same process counties follow. (04/12/2013)
Spring brings new life to the landscape. The birth of a new crop of lambs is a yearly ritual at this small Minnesota farm. (04/10/2013)
The National Weather Service is using flood prediction models to help prevent pollution year-round. (04/06/2013)
The small Minnesota town of St. Bonifacius is restricting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. (04/04/2013)
Sandbags were being filled Wednesday morning in Fargo in preparation for flooding later this month when the Red River is expected to spill out of its banks. (04/03/2013)
The number of flood insurance policies in the Fargo area dropped by 40 percent in the past year, Federal Emergency Management Agency officials say. (03/29/2013)
A $500 million project to make veterans hospitals more efficient means growth for a Fargo company. The company makes the software that will be used track equipment and supplies at VA medical centers nationwide. The Department of Veterans Affairs also plans track staff and patients in the future. The goal is more efficient healthcare. (03/28/2013)
Business owners challenged Gov. Mark Dayton on taxes Monday at a Moorhead town hall meeting. (03/25/2013)
A delayed spring melt and late-winter snow has increased the risk of flooding in Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn., National Weather Service forecasters said Thursday. (03/21/2013)
Fargo officials said they believe the city is still in good shape because of recent flood protection improvements, but they plan to make 500,000 sandbags to add to a reserve of 750,000 bags. (03/21/2013)
Steve Ellis is one of four beekeepers from across the country who allege that the EPA has failed to protect bees from pesticides. (03/21/2013)
The federal government sequestration cut will eliminate hundreds of stream flow gages nationwide, including a few in Minnesota. The gages are used for flood forecasting and water quality monitoring. (03/15/2013)