Jon Gordon Feature Archive

The Internet population is growing again after a period of stagnation, according to a new poll from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. (04/27/2006)
With the prospects for a new publicly-subsidized stadium fading yet again, the financing puzzle for the Minnesota Twins remains unsolved. It's much the same position the San Francisco Giants found themselves in. But after voters rejected public financing four times in the 1980s and 1990s, the Giants financed their new park largely on their own. Since 2000, Barry Bonds and the rest of the Giants have played to a consistently packed house in one of baseball's premier parks. But that doesn't mean San Francisco's privately-financed stadium honeymoon will last forever. (05/14/2004)
The computer worm Jeffrey Parson is accused of releasing represents just one of several attacks Internet users have been alerted to in recent weeks. Parson's creation wasn't even an original. But computer security experts say even as a variant of the Blaster worm, it had plenty of potential to frustrate computer users. (08/29/2003)
The quality and reliability of video broadcasts on the Internet have improved to the point where they can compete with television. Increasing numbers of consumers are watching news, music videos and sports on their computers. The latest example: A new service from Major League Baseball. (04/08/2003)
Not only are the Minnesota Twins here to stay, now they're going home - to open a most unlikely AL championship series. (10/07/2002)
The Minnesota Twins open the postseason on the road this afternoon agaist the Oakland A's. Game time is 3 o'clock. Sure, one team's from the Midwest, the other from the West Coast. One is in the playoffs for the third straight year, the other hasn't tasted baseball's post-season since 1991. But the Twins and the A's have a lot in common. (10/02/2002)
A.J. Pierzynski had four hits, and Corey Koskie homered and drove in three runs as the Twins overcame an early deficit and fielding blunders to beat the Oakland Athletics 7-5 Tuesday in the first game of the AL division series. (10/02/2002)
The Minnesota Twins, who have lost only one post-season game in the Metrodome, return home Friday for game three of the division playoff with the Oakland A's. The challenge will be great: Twins batters will face one of baseball's best pitchers in Barry Zito. The young lefty hopes to keep the momentum going for the A's, who scorched the Twins by the score of 9-1 yesterday. (10/02/2002)
Apple Computer hopes to boost market share by opening stores. The newest opens in the Mall of America this weekend. (08/09/2001)
In a speech on his California tour, Governor Jesse Ventura said he could appear on the Presidental ballot in all 50 states, but that he won't. (06/13/2000)
Increasingly, public places are banning pagers and cell phones. Wireless technology is developing faster than social rules to govern their use. So, what can de do to get along? (01/10/2000)
Do you know where your bottled water and ramen noodles are? Your money? Do you know how to keep your computer happy? There are some things you can try to ward off the millennium bug, but you just might beat it by doing nothing at all. (12/20/1999)
You don't have to get up at three in the morning and squeeze into a pair of long-johns to go deer hunting anymore. Hunters are now stalking deer and other animals on their computers. A Twin Cities' software company leads the way in virtual hunting and fishing. (09/29/1999)
With the world going digital, our ability to save our history is passing. (08/09/1999)