Erin Galbally Feature Archive

As America looks for potential avenues where terrorists might attack, many people worry the nation's food supply could be among the targets. (10/14/2002)
For years there has been controversy over the way the Army Corps of Engineers controls the water levels in the Mississippi River. Now an experiment to reduce water levels in a 23 mile area near LaCrosse has local residents excited. (09/27/2002)
Foreigners have traveled to the Mayo Clinic for medical treatment for nearly 100 years. Over time, patients from the Middle East have emerged as some the clinic's most important clientele. But since Sept. 11, the number of visitors is down at least 50 percent. (08/26/2002)
As concern continues to rise about chronic wasting disease in deer, federal health authorities are investigating the deaths of three hunters in Wisconsin and Minnesota. (08/07/2002)
A second special deer hunt is underway this week in southwestern Wisconsin. It's part of an attempt by state wildlife officials to eradicate chronic wasting disease. Ultimately, they hope to eliminate the regions entire deer population. The real kill is expected this fall, when hunters from across Wisconsin will likely bag as many 50,000 animals. Only six federal labs are certified to test for the disease causing concerns it will take months to get test results. (07/16/2002)
The summer time is breeding time for the invasive pest, the zebra mussel. Right about now millions of microscopic larvae are headed down the Mississippi River. This year scientists from St. Paul to St. Louis are studying how and where the pest is spreading. (07/11/2002)
Thanks to a repeal of a 1941 state law, sparklers, cones and snakes are now legal in Minnesota. The change in firework regulations have communities around the state looking for ways to monitor their sale in time for Independence Day. But after years of tracking illegal firework usage, Winona officials say they're not fazed by the change in policy. (07/01/2002)
World Cup fever hit Winona early Friday morning. A group of bleary-eyed soccer fans convened just after dawn at a local bar. They went to watch the US face off against Germany in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. But despite all of the support, the US team's best showing at the World Cup in 72 years came to end. (06/21/2002)
- Welcome to the new age of Minnesota politics. Issues dominated over personalities in the first gubernatorial debate since Gov. Jesse Ventura announced an end to his political career. The three major party candidates for his job - DFLer Roger Moe, Republican Tim Pawlenty and the Green Party's Ken Pentel - barely acknowledged Ventura's existence during a nearly two-hour debate sponsored by the League of Minnesota Cities on Thursday. (06/20/2002)
A plan to restrict meat packers from owning livestock failed to make it into the final U.S. farm bill. But small farmers around the country are hopeful the amendment will have better luck on Capitol Hill this fall. (06/04/2002)
Plans for a wide-scale deer hunt in southwestern Wisconsin are becoming complicated. Some 15,000 deer are slated to be killed to stop the spread of a fatal brain wasting disease. But the prospect of a massive hunt has pit the DNR against local landowners. (05/30/2002)
Chronic Wasting Disease has turned up for the first time in Wisconsin's deer herd. As a result plans are in the works to kill all of the deer in a roughly 300 mile radius. (05/15/2002)
Farmers will plant more acres of genetically-modified soybeans than ever before. But their largest market for the crop - China - may restrict its purchase of American soybeans, because so many of them are genetically modified. (04/16/2002)
Federal regulators on Wednesday approved the expansion of the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad, giving the go-ahead for the largest rail construction project in recent history. (01/30/2002)
This week a Rochester man will travel to Pakistan where he'll establish relief services for Afghan refugees. Frank Anderson represents the American Refugee Committee, a non-profit organization that in the past has taken him to Bosnia, Croatia and Thailand. Anderson believes this could be his most challenging posting yet. (01/14/2002)