Erin Galbally Feature Archive

Say abstract art to most people and they think New York, California, or Europe. But Minnesota has a well established if not well known tradition of abstract art running all the way back to the 1930s. Now the first show ever tracing the evolution of abstract painting in Minnesota is opening at the Rochester Art Center. (11/12/2004)
Democrats made some surprising gains around the state election night -- especially in the Rochester area. The community has long been known as a GOP stronghold. But that changed significantly when voters unseated two Republican incumbents. Now for the first time in more than 30 years the city will have DFL representation at the Capitol. (11/03/2004)
When Minnesota voters hit the polls Tuesday, they'll find a ballot that includes two sets of candidates running for the State Court of Appeals. Judicial campaigns are usually low profile. Campaigning for a judgeship is tricky. Regulations govern what judicial candidates can say about political matters and how they might rule on certain controversial issues. (11/01/2004)
For more than a decade, Republican Gil Gutknecht has represented the 1st District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He's won his last few races handily. This year's election is unlikely to be any different. In fact Gutknecht is so confident he's barely campaigning at all. (10/29/2004)
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry brought his campaign to Rochester again Wednesday, six days out from the election. He continued to step up his attacks on President Bush, saying that Bush has failed the test of leadership on the economy and national security. (10/27/2004)
President Bush campaigned in a small town near La Crosse, Wisconsin Tuesday, hoping to woo more voters in a part of the state which went for Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 election. As a result, Bush narrowly lost the state's electoral votes. This time around the president has made a deliberate effort to court western Wisconsin voters. (10/26/2004)
President Bush made a whistle-stop plea for votes in this traditionally conservative pocket of Minnesota on Wednesday, part of a frenetic campaign week that suggests the candidates are shifting from chasing undecideds to turning out the faithful. (10/20/2004)
Minnesota House district 31B is located in the southeastern edge of the state. It includes the city of Preston where a proposed tire burning facility has caused deep divisions. The controversy over the burner is expected to have an impact on the election. (10/18/2004)
Vice President Dick Cheney campaigned in Rochester Tuesday on the eve of the last presidential debate. He spoke to an enthusiastic crowd about national defense and why President Bush deserves another term in office. According to Cheney, the differences between the candidates are clear. (10/12/2004)
Early estimates suggest roughly 300 homes in Austin were damaged by the high water in the floods this week and that figure is expected to grow. On Friday state lawmakers gathered to listen as locals asked questions and vented their frustrations. All involved agree that recovery will take time. (09/17/2004)
The city of Austin continues to battle flood waters, following Tuesday night's pounding rainstorm. Large swaths of downtown remained underwater and local officials predict the worst is yet to come. Gov. Tim Pawlenty visited the region late Wednesday afternoon to survey the damage. He promised state aid as soon as possible. (09/15/2004)
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry campaigned in Rochester on Wednesday. He met with a group of approximately 150 local folks in the back yard of a Rochester residence. The meeting was advertised as about health care, but Kerry took questions and talked about topics such as immigration, the draft, and environmental protection. (09/08/2004)
Competing rallies by campaign surrogates underline how Minnesota is considered up for grabs in the November elections. Rochester has long been considered a Republican bastion. But Democrats counter the party's growing rapidly in the southeast corner of the state. And there may be another reason Rochester has emerged this week as a strategic stomping ground. (08/17/2004)
Brock Lesnar wants to be a pro football player. The only problem is he hasn't played since high school. That was years ago. Now the former pro wrestler known to tens of thousands of fans as 'The Next Big Thing,' is practicing with the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar's hoping to play for the team this fall. So far the only person who thinks he can do it is Lesnar himself, but that may be just enough. (08/06/2004)
Minnesota is becoming familiar territory for President Bush. On Wednesday, the president made his 10th visit to the state since taking office. The purpose of the trip was two-fold. At a stop in LeSueur, he announced plans to expand a popular federal initiative called the Conservation Reserve Program. It pays farmers to take highly erodible land out of crop production. Later in the afternoon, he led a re-election rally in Mankato, where he encouraged several thousand supporters to get out the vote. (08/05/2004)