Leif Enger Feature Archive

The evolution of the Boundary Waters has involved change in the surrounding communities. (07/17/1998)
Interest renews in this country western singer living the quiet life in Aitkin County. (06/26/1998)
The Red Wing home of the inventor of puffed wheat is now a haven for the creative. (06/19/1998)
After three years of preparation, Aitkin County bogs are ready to produce. (06/01/1998)
Five thousand boats for Saturday's walleye season opener. (05/08/1998)
Meet native Vince Merrill who has netted fish for ceremonial purposes. (04/16/1998)
Race relations in Onamia have grown uneasy as the Mille Lacs Band asserts its treaty rights. (04/14/1998)
A review of events leading up to the present situation in east central Minnesota. (04/13/1998)
The Red Lake Warriors were at the top of their game when a player was fatally stabbed. One year later, the team continues to pull together. (03/02/1998)
The management of school-trust lands is drawing some unexpected attention in northern Minnesota. (02/25/1998)
This inventor's underwater camera brings the fish up close and personal. (02/03/1998)
Snowmobilers and cross-country skiers cross paths along the Gunflint Trail. (01/14/1998)
The practice of "green dimensioning" can reduce a sawmill's wasted wood by 15 to 20 percent. (12/22/1997)
They're eyeing the sky at Camp Ripley, hoping that ski trails stay snow-covered for upcoming biathlon trials. (12/18/1997)
Smartwood is an international non-profit group that approves woodlands managed under strict environmental guidelines, but how will it work in the marketplace? (12/08/1997)