Leif Enger Feature Archive

With the treaty rights case settled, resorters and Native Americans vow to put differences aside. (03/25/1999)
Between nostalgia and Y2K, it's a good time to be a windmill. (03/08/1999)
As a Supreme Court decision nears, a rift is developing between Governor Ventura and the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. (03/03/1999)
Minnesotans fame will always be linked to Buddy Holly's death. (02/05/1999)
A Cass County couple try to recover from a tragedy. (01/22/1999)
As the legislature begins a debate to repeal the ban on studs on snowmobiles ban, Leif Enger looks at what the fuss is all about. (01/11/1999)
Where some see disasters looming, others see opportunities. (12/28/1998)
Unseasonably mild weather is not enjoyed by all outdoors enthusiasts. (12/08/1998)
A thousand-year-old Dakata ritual site found on the Mille Lacs Reservation may be of great importance. (12/07/1998)
Can Minnesota's forests support increasing economic and ecological demands? (11/17/1998)
150 years of logging have changed the face of the state as well as the timber industry. (11/16/1998)
Three generations of the Walsh family have worked Minnesota's forests. (11/16/1998)
Is it necessary to preserve hunting and fishing rights in a state constitutional amendment? (10/28/1998)
This year's Mille Lacs fish take may result in smaller numbers for future years. (10/08/1998)
Internationally known Minnesota native hosts an exhibition of his work in his home town. (09/29/1998)