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Old-growth timber is making a comeback. Not just as an environmental issue this time, but as wood; as polished floors and cathedral ceilings. The timber-salvage industry has taken off in Minnesota. It is saving old beams from condemned warehouses, pulling old logs from lake bottoms, and spicing up new architecture with antique woods. (07/07/2000)
An upcoming election will challenge the leadership of Marge Anderson, Chief Executive of the Minnesota Ojibwe and a nationally known expert in Native American sovereignty issues. Melanie Benjamin, Anderson's challenger, disagrees on all the major issues. (06/12/2000)
With the coming of summer, anglers by the hundreds of thousands are stalking Minnesota's lakes and rivers. Their objective, almost always, is walleye, northern pike, panfish and trout. Yet for a few anglers, a walleye holds no attraction; a 20-pound northern, no allure; a rainbow trout, no romance. On the Rainy River - the border between Minnesota and Canada - the lake sturgeon is rising. Surviving near obliteration by commercial fishing and polluting paper mills, the sturgeon has resurfaced as a gamefish of almost mythical power. (05/23/2000)
For many anglers, going fishing without lead sinkers, makes as much sense as going out without hooks. But hundreds of Minnesota's favorite birds - loons and bald eagles - are turning up with lead poisoning, and researchers say sinkers are part of the reason. (05/09/2000)
The cost of fishing and hunting may go up in 2000. The Department of Natural Resources wants to raise license fees, a crucial revenue source in its budget. The DNR says if the Legislature doesn't do so, Minnesota's outdoors will suffer. (01/05/2000)
Communication towers, those blinking, guy-wired harbingers of car phones, have sprouted at the rate of 5,000 a year nationwide for the past decade. Industry watchers say another 100,000 of the structures could go up by 2010. While digital phones mean improved service, the towers themselves, often topped by flashing strobelights, are widely abhorred as a blight on the landscape. In the Brainerd lakes area, county officials are trying to bring them under control. (12/01/1999)
As thousands of Minnesotans lock up their lake cabins for winter, many wonder whether everything will be intact when they return. Seasonal homes are favorite targets for burglars, and protection against property crime has been a high-profile subject since a Minnesota man set a booby trap in his cabin and wounded an intruder. In the Brainerd lakes area, summer homes provide a challenge for law enforcement; and big returns for home-security companies. (11/04/1999)
A new mural commemorating the great Hinckley Fire of 1894 has been unveiled at the Hinckley Community Center. The fire produced a firestorm which incinerated hundreds of square miles and killed more than 400 people. The mural, by Ojibwe artist Steve Premo shows the historic rescue of a family by a young Ojibwe woman, whose identity has only recently been discovered. (09/29/1999)
Isn't golf supposed to be a game of tradition? Of garrulous, status-quo duffers? So what is GPS doing on the golf courses of Minnesota? (09/07/1999)
The black bear is hot. Just ask the Minnesota Science Museum, current venue of "Bears", the most popular traveling exhibit it's ever hosted. Bears- both powerful and clownish - have been stumping around in American popular culture since America got a popular culture. (07/28/1999)
Residents of northeast Minnesota are under the federal microscope, hoping for assistance in recovering from July 4th storms. (07/15/1999)
Thanks to a casino economy, times are great for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. But what will happen if the monopoly on casinos ends? (06/21/1999)
The lines have been drawn for years in the dispute over tribal hunting and fishing rights around Mille Lacs. While the divide is largely along racial lines, there are people who have become very involved in the other community. (05/05/1999)
Brainerd ad agency proves you don't have to be on Madison Avenue to exist in the advertising world. (04/22/1999)
Before the fire season starts, Canada shows Minnesota how it's done. (04/13/1999)