Greta Cunningham Feature Archive

You can travel to an archeological dig in Belize, or join a pack of roaming dogs near the Minnesota-Canadian border. Minnesota children's book author Mary Casanova is out with two new books this summer and both are packed with adventure. (07/13/2006)
David Galligan, President and CEO of the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, announced that he will leave the organization Friday. He talked with MPR's Greta Cunningham about his decision. (06/29/2006)
A new exhibit at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis presents two distinct interpretations of Soviet life in late 20th century. (05/22/2006)
Two working moms turned their class project into a business that allows families to prepare home cooked meals without clean-up or shopping. (05/15/2006)
The Body Worlds exhibit features the world's first anatomical presentations of real human bodies. (05/05/2006)
An Arbor Day party of sorts took place Friday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Arbor Day is a celebration of trees that's typically observed on the last Friday of April. Volunteers kicked off an effort to reforest the state fairgrounds with disease-resistant elm trees. Since 2002, the fairgrounds has lost more than half its elms. (04/28/2006)
Minneapolis is a new center for the sale and preservation of violins from the 18th and 19th century. In the past these instruments were worked on in places like Italy, London and New York. But new technology has enabled people involved in violin restoration to live anywhere. (04/25/2006)
An early spring snowstorm hit the Twin Cities and southeastern Minnesota Monday, dumping up to 20 inches of snow in some areas, snarling rush-hour traffic, forcing school closings, delaying flights and knocking out power to tens of thousands of Xcel Energy customers. (03/13/2006)
Firefighters are now being trained to rescue and treat cats, dogs and other pets who've been injured in fires. (03/09/2006)
The box of chocolates that you give your sweetheart this Valentine's Day may not contain the traditional candy flavors. Over the past few years, high-end chocolate boutiques have opened all across Minnesota. A Twin Cities chocolatier, B.T McElrath, helps explain this chocolate renaissance. (02/14/2006)
The University of Minnesota has become a pioneer in the developing field of adoptive medicine. It's home to the International Adoption Clinic, which helps adoptive parents with their children's physical and mental health challenges. (02/06/2006)
Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch has announced a series of legislative proposals to help Minnesotans guard against identity theft. (12/21/2005)
Mel Hartman, founder of TLC Toys, makes thousands of toys to donate to needy Minnesota children. Some people call him the Santa of Andover. (12/12/2005)
Many programs aimed at helping homeless people and new immigrants are focused on getting housing. But finding shelter isn't the end of their struggle. A Bloomington-based nonprofit is filling the void left when people find a place to live, but have nothing to furnish a household. (11/07/2005)
St. Paul and Ramsey County officials have unveiled a plan they say will end homelessness in the area by 2010. The plan calls for the creation of 920 units of supportive housing at a cost of $131 million. (11/02/2005)