Tom Crann Feature Archive

More than 30 organizations held their annual rally for mental health today at the state Capitol. (03/06/2014)
An essay written by a doctor in family medicine has social media buzzing, especially in the medical world. It's raised some questions about doctors and compassion. (03/04/2014)
This will be the first year that Minnesota same-sex couples will be able to file both federal and state income taxes as legally married couples. (03/03/2014)
Here in the country's heartland, when it comes to local food, we often think of our excellent beef and dairy. But you can also find locally produced versions of more foreign delicacies. (02/26/2014)
Pothole season has begun and it's a bad one. (02/25/2014)
New restaurants are popping up in the suburbs that offer important contributions to the area's mix of gastronomic offerings. (02/19/2014)
Patient or customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important at hospital and clinics. But this also must be balanced with making informed expert decisions, despite what patients might want. (02/18/2014)
U.S. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., has welcomed new federal safety recommendations in the wake of an accident that caused the evacuation of much of the town of Casselton, N.D., in December. (02/13/2014)
Babs was one of Sweden's most celebrated artists, and was appointed Royal Court Singer by the King. She found her voice later in Jazz, and in her collaborations with jazz musician Duke Ellington. (02/12/2014)
Author Rae Katherine Eighmey explains how learning about Abe Lincoln's favorite dishes humanizes a legendary president. (02/12/2014)
Ski jumping in Minnesota can trace its history back to 1883, when Norwegian brothers Torjus and Mikkel Hemmestvedt brought the sport to the bluffs of southern Minnesota. It then spread to the hills of western Wisconsin, the North Shore and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (02/11/2014)
New guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association call for women to monitor their risk for stroke more carefully than men. (02/11/2014)
Wendy Williams, who has played second flute for the Minnesota Orchestra since 1992, is preparing to play tonight's first concert since the 16-month lockout ended in January. "It's bittersweet, complicated," she said, "but I'm thrilled to be back here." (02/07/2014)
Old strains of wheat, vigorous plants that don't require petrochemicals, are making a comeback, especially the one that made the upper Midwest the bread basket of the world (02/05/2014)
Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that Joan Mondale was "as fervent and as effective a champion for the arts as anyone I have ever known." (02/04/2014)