Tom Crann Feature Archive

In the final interview of the series, Tom Crann talks with Marty Seifert of Marshall. (08/08/2014)
MPR News' Tom Crann talks with former investment banker Scott Honour of Orono. This is his first political campaign. (08/07/2014)
There are four Republicans on the ballot Tuesday, as voters in Minnesota decide who will get the nomination to run against DFL Gov. Mark Dayton in November. (08/06/2014)
Amy Thielen joined MPR's Tom Crann to talk tomatoes -- from preserving to recipes. (08/06/2014)
In the first of a series, Tom Crann talks with Detroit Lakes native Jeff Johnson. He's an attorney, a Hennepin County commissioner and the endorsed Republican candidate for governor. (08/05/2014)
Hennepin County sent an alert to Twin Cities health professionals this week asking them to be aware of the travel history of their patients, but the threat of the disease spreading to Minnesota is still very low. (08/05/2014)
Researchers at the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Center at the University of Minnesota recently unveiled what they hope will be a potent weapon against the spread of Asian carp. (08/04/2014)
It's Friday afternoon and this weekend we are stealing away to Thief River Falls, five hours northwest of the Twin Cities. (08/01/2014)
Journalist Sebastian Gomes joined MPR News' Tom Crann to talk about how the Twin Cities' Archdiocese fits into the larger Catholic Church. (07/31/2014)
The author of "Scoop" joined MPR's Tom Crann to talk about the intersection of ice cream and life. (07/30/2014)
The state minimum wage will increase Friday to $8.00 an hour for large Minnesota employers. That's the first of three increases scheduled to roll out by August 2016. (07/30/2014)
Sharon Stiteler, who blogs at, joined MPR News' Tom Crann to discuss the concerns of the Audubon Society about the new Vikings stadium and possible solutions. (07/29/2014)
The Somali community is still trying to come to grips with the death of Saado Ali Warsame. The internationally renowned Somali singer and lawmaker was assasinated this week in Mogadishu by the militant group al-Shabab. (07/25/2014)
In the next ten years there is a twelve percent chance that a solar storm could knock out the world's power grids resulting in a "post-apocalypic nightmare," according to NASA scientists. (07/25/2014)
This weekend we're headed south (and a little west) of the Twin Cities to Montgomery, where the town's Czech heritage is the inspiration for their annual Kolacky Days. (07/25/2014)