Tom Crann Feature Archive

Mayo Clinic president and CEO John Noseworthy announced a plan to invest and expand in Minnesota, building a "destination medical center." Noseworthy speaks with MPR's Tom Crann. (01/30/2013)
Rachel Hutton talks about the hottest food trends in the upcoming year and where to taste them around the Twin Cities. (01/30/2013)
At least 1 in 10 patients are readmitted after a hospital stay. As more hospitals are rated on their readmissions, the current issue of JAMA is focused on their prevention. ATC medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg talks about the factors that lead to return hospital stays, and what could change to decrease their occurrence. (01/29/2013)
President Barack Obama's choice for chief of staff, Denis McDonough, is a native Minnesotan. MPR's Tom Crann spoke with his brother Fr. Kevin McDonough, a pastor at St. Peter Claver, Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, and Incarnation Churches in St. Paul. (01/25/2013)
A new book called "Somalis in Minnesota" takes a look at how some of our newest neighbors are settling, and the ways they're contributing to their new home. (01/24/2013)
Miami-Dade School District Superintendent Alberto Carvalho spoke earlier Wednesday at the United Way's Education Forum on the State of Education in Minnesota, and he joins MPR's Tom Crann on All Things Considered. (01/23/2013)
On the table this week: butter, and plenty of it. The Splendid Table's Lynne Rosetto Kasper is here to convince us that, when it comes to butter, different really can be better. (01/23/2013)
Among the proposals in Gov. Mark Dayton's budget plan are of number of changes to the state's local government aid formula and local governments' collection of property tax. (01/22/2013)
More than 35 percent of Americans have tried to diagnose an ache or pain using the Internet, according to a new study by the Pew Internet and American Life project. (01/22/2013)
State Sen. Ron Latz responds to points made by Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole, who told MPR News that because a legislative body has not approved President Barack Obama's executive orders, it's not a law he can enforce. (01/17/2013)
The Fergus Falls High School marching band is on its way to Washington, where the band will march in the Inaugural Day Parade on Monday. (01/17/2013)
There's something serious brewing in northeast Minneapolis. The bar story of 2012 was the explosion of taprooms in the Twin Cities. As the New Year begins the pace isn't slowing. (01/16/2013)
Flu season has arrived. Since late last year, the Minnesota Department of Health has classified influenza as "widespread" here in the state. Some are questioning the effectiveness and availability of the flu vaccine. (01/15/2013)
After voting to avert tax hikes for most Americans while raising them on the wealthiest, the 112th Congress is nearly over. MPR News' Washington reporter Brett Neely discusses the aftermath of the fiscal cliff debate and what happens next on Capitol Hill. (01/02/2013)
When looking for authentic food from around the world, it is easy to think about the urban options -- an eating tour of University Avenue or a trip to Eat Street. But there are good global eats hiding out in the suburbs and beyond. (01/02/2013)