Tom Crann Feature Archive

It's been a slow start to the growing season, but now we're in the swing of things at farmers markets around the region. Two stars of the spring harvest are asparagus and morel mushrooms. (06/05/2013)
Festivals big and small highlight this weekend's events. One of the biggest is St. Paul's Grand Old Day, which celebrates its 40th year. (05/31/2013)
Unless you relish brushing snow off your grill, our outdoor cooking season is pretty much a flash in the pan. Go beyond the usual burgers and brats with these ideas. (05/29/2013)
Memorial Day is generally the weekend when many Minnesotans head north. Here's a few communities that are holding celebrations this weekend. (05/24/2013)
It's been two years since a tornado hit the north side of Minneapolis, killing two people and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure. (05/22/2013)
The is using crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try to fund a new book focused on Upper Midwestern food. (05/22/2013)
Cossetta's has long been one of the biggest names in Italian food in the Twin Cities, and it has just gotten a lot bigger. The new pastry shop is the new crown jewel of the expansion, says the Heavy Table's James Norton. (05/22/2013)
American spend over $325 billion annually on drugs, but lately there's been a dip in pharmaceutical spending. (05/21/2013)
This weekend: Minnesota River History Paddling Theater, Art-a-Whirl, Preston Trout Days and the Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds. (05/17/2013)
The pressure to cook is enormous. For people who don't cook, it can be shaming. Hold your head high, non-cooks. You fulfill a role not yet acknowledged in this country. (05/15/2013)
Minnesota's law allowing same-sex marriage goes into effect Aug. 1. On that day, same-sex couples can apply for a marriage license in Minnesota. (05/14/2013)
A disease that's almost eradicated is still in the news. There were 223 cases of polio last year worldwide. (05/14/2013)
It's a big weekend for festivals in Minnesota. (05/10/2013)
The issue of mental health is often brought up after a crisis, and even in the gun debate at the Capitol. But discussion of mental health in children is less focused on. (05/08/2013)
Restaurants design in many ways is like service: when it's good, you don't notice the nuances. But when it's bad, it can be glaring. Good restaurant design can turn a mere meal into a dining experience. (05/08/2013)