Tom Crann Feature Archive

Festivals big and small highlight this weekend's events. One of the biggest is St. Paul's Grand Old Day, which celebrates its 40th year. (05/31/2013)
Unless you relish brushing snow off your grill, our outdoor cooking season is pretty much a flash in the pan. Go beyond the usual burgers and brats with these ideas. (05/29/2013)
Memorial Day is generally the weekend when many Minnesotans head north. Here's a few communities that are holding celebrations this weekend. (05/24/2013)
It's been two years since a tornado hit the north side of Minneapolis, killing two people and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure. (05/22/2013)
The is using crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try to fund a new book focused on Upper Midwestern food. (05/22/2013)
Cossetta's has long been one of the biggest names in Italian food in the Twin Cities, and it has just gotten a lot bigger. The new pastry shop is the new crown jewel of the expansion, says the Heavy Table's James Norton. (05/22/2013)
American spend over $325 billion annually on drugs, but lately there's been a dip in pharmaceutical spending. (05/21/2013)
This weekend: Minnesota River History Paddling Theater, Art-a-Whirl, Preston Trout Days and the Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds. (05/17/2013)
The pressure to cook is enormous. For people who don't cook, it can be shaming. Hold your head high, non-cooks. You fulfill a role not yet acknowledged in this country. (05/15/2013)
Minnesota's law allowing same-sex marriage goes into effect Aug. 1. On that day, same-sex couples can apply for a marriage license in Minnesota. (05/14/2013)
A disease that's almost eradicated is still in the news. There were 223 cases of polio last year worldwide. (05/14/2013)
It's a big weekend for festivals in Minnesota. (05/10/2013)
The issue of mental health is often brought up after a crisis, and even in the gun debate at the Capitol. But discussion of mental health in children is less focused on. (05/08/2013)
Restaurants design in many ways is like service: when it's good, you don't notice the nuances. But when it's bad, it can be glaring. Good restaurant design can turn a mere meal into a dining experience. (05/08/2013)
It's time to talk farmers markets with Beth Dooley here on Appetites. She is the author of "Minnesota's Bounty: The Farmers' Market Cookbook." (05/01/2013)