Sanden Totten Feature Archive

Diplomacy has its limits, and some wonder if talk is the right solution. Here are some stories from people who have ditched diplomacy for confrontation, with mixed results. (11/17/2006)
This November, the largest political party won't be the Republicans or the Democrats. As in years past, it'll be the non-voters. (10/20/2006)
One of the largest niche markets in Latin music in the Twin Cities is regional Mexican music. We took a tour of the Mexican music scene with the author of "Musica de la Raza," a book that tells the story of Minnesota's Mexican and Chicano musicians. (09/01/2006)
Mexican music has many different styles and sounds. Here's an outline of a few of them. (08/28/2006)
Minnesota Public Radio News wanted to get a sense of how the spike in crime is changing the day-to-day lives of the people experiencing it. So we asked folks in our Public Insight Network to share their experiences. (07/18/2006)
Today marks a milestone for the baby boom generation. Bob Dylan, the folk singer turned rock-and-roll icon, is 65. Minnesota fans threw him a party of sorts at the 400 Bar on the West Bank of Minneapolis -- its annual Bob Dylan Sound-Alike contest. (05/24/2006)
For many undocumented immigrants from Mexico, crossing the border into the United States is a carefully orchestrated event -- and so is the process of remaining here. One woman now living in Minnesota shares the details of her journey. (05/15/2006)
The push for a change in immigration law reaches a new level today as Latinos and other minority groups are being asked to stay home from work to demonstrate their economic clout. Organizers call the protest "A day without immigrants." (04/30/2006)
In a couple of weeks one of the biggest movie archives in the Twin Cities will disappear. It's not a museum or even a public library. It's a video store. Discount Video in Uptown Minneapolis specializes in rare and classic movies. (03/14/2006)
A group of Minnesota women are heading to Tucson to bust some heads. They play a rocking and revved-up version of roller derby. (02/24/2006)
Grand Avenue Hardware, an institution in the neighborhood for decades, is closing for good. (02/01/2006)