Sea Stachura Feature Archive

What kind of pork will you eat? That's the question marketing groups are wrestling over on YouTube. (06/27/2008)
The MPCA has written new water quality standards to limit the amount of ag run-off in the states' waterways. (06/21/2008)
Researchers today know more about the measles than ever, and doctors are using that knowledge to develop new treatments for certain cancers. The first step is to understand how the measles virus infects its host. (06/20/2008)
Minnesota's pollution control agency is teaming up with the EPA to shrink the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico. (06/17/2008)
The rebuilding of the 35W bridge and recent bridge closings are part of a cautious approach to bridges in Minnesota in the wake of last summer's tragedy. (06/16/2008)
The City of Austin is slowly filling up with water, but this time, the city is prepared. Austin is experiencing its eleventh major flood in the past 30 years. (06/12/2008)
The floodwaters in Fillmore County are receding, but they have already hurt business. (06/10/2008)
The City of Winona launched its first rented ferry across the Mississippi RIver today. More than 2,500 people living in Wisconsin commute to Winona for work. (06/09/2008)
One official at the NTSB says the agency will consider an academic report on the cause of the 35W bridge collapse. Another transportation organization says the findings are not complete and may not be totally accurate. (06/04/2008)
The 35W bridge was over-weighted with concrete pavement and construction materials, causing an under-sized gusset plate to fail, according to a study conducted by University of California-Berkeley structural engineering professor Hassan Astaneh. (06/04/2008)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation closed the Highway 43 bridge over the Mississippi River at Winona. (06/03/2008)
The 2008 farm bill designates more resources to organics than ever, but organic growers won't find relief from one of their thorniest problems: renting land. (05/28/2008)
The disorder is often found in people who have chronic bronchitis or emphysema, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic. (05/27/2008)
Thousands of veterans, family members and civilians attended the Memorial Day celebration at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery near the Twin Cities airport. (05/26/2008)
The achievement gap in Rochester Public Schools isn't just poor and minority students. It's also white middle class students. (05/20/2008)