Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced $180 million worth of new road and bridge projects in greater Minnesota today. The projects will be funded by federal stimulus dollars. (02/25/2009)
The Elk Run Biobusiness park project planned for an area near Rochester will get an injection of cash from the state. (02/24/2009)
A for-profit transmission line company wants to build a massive power line across seven states, including Minnesota. The line would take wind from the Dakotas and Minnesota to Chicago and farther east. (02/23/2009)
California developers are poised to announce an effort to raise $1 billion to create a bioscience research center just outside of Rochester. (02/20/2009)
Data shows that mercury levels are increasing in pike and walleye in Minnesota over the last 20 years. (02/17/2009)
Minnesotans who want to buy a foreclosed home could get financial help from a grant and loan program. (02/17/2009)
A Mayo Clinic researcher found that a computer program can significantly help older adults improve their memory and thinking skills. (02/11/2009)
Rochester Public Schools will finalize roughly $9 million in budget cuts Tuesday night. (02/10/2009)
Even with the lowest unemployment rate among Minnesota metro areas, Rochester feels the recession's sting. (02/05/2009)
In Winona a restaurant and a bookstore moved in together to cut expenses. So far, so good. (01/29/2009)
One of the Minnesotans attending Barack Obama's inauguration is George Thompson. (01/20/2009)
The town will be the subject of a longevity project put together by the AARP and Blue Zones, a healthy living organization. (01/16/2009)
Stoney End Harps has sold more than 6,000 harps to musicians around the world. (01/13/2009)
An audio slideshow featuring harp maker Gary Stone of Red Wing, Minn. (01/13/2009)
Changes in Minnesota's Green Acres program have some farmers preparing to plow up wetlands and cut down windbreaks. (01/08/2009)