Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Opponents of the CapX2020 project produced evidence today they say proves the high voltage lines are not needed. (04/15/2009)
After three years of studies, public hearings, and legal judgments, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will decide this week whether a CapX 2020, a huge powerline project, can be built across the state. (04/15/2009)
The Lower St. Croix River has been declared one of the most endangered rivers in America. American Rivers, a national waterways organization, released its list of the ten most endangered rivers and they say development along the St. Croix is destroying it. (04/07/2009)
The new rules say farmers will only be allowed to have half of their land in conservation, and they will have to develop a conservation plan. The rules take effect in 2013. (04/02/2009)
A Rochester novelist takes on the life of the first woman in the Bible, Eve, to great success. (03/26/2009)
Lawyers for more than 100 bridge collapse victims say the National Transportation Safety Board reached the wrong conclusion about the 35W bridge collapse. (03/25/2009)
A Mayo Clinics study found that children who underwent multiple surgeries as infants or toddlers were twice as likely to have learning disabilities than those who only had one surgery or none at all. (03/24/2009)
More birds are migrating through the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge, according to a new survey. (03/20/2009)
Winona-based Wenonah Canoe, an internationally-known canoe builder, is so far riding out the recession without cutbacks. (03/20/2009)
Rochester police entered a home this afternoon following an apparent standoff with two gunmen, only to find the home empty and the suspects gone. (03/16/2009)
When an ambitious biobusiness park was proposed for southeast Minnesota, the first question was, who will finance it? The answer is Steve Burrill, a San Francisco-based venture capitalist with Midwestern roots. (03/13/2009)
A real estate developer and a venture capitalist said today they are joining together to launch a biobusiness park near Rochester, reportedly costing nearly $1 billion. (03/12/2009)
The depressed economy has taken its toll on the Mayo Clinic. The clinic reported today that in 2008 the company just broke even. (03/12/2009)
The bill would require police officers in Minnesota to record the race of every person they pull over in traffic stops. (03/09/2009)
Mayo Clinic's president and CEO, Dr. Denis Cortese, will retire in November after 40 years at the clinic. (02/27/2009)